A little sparkle and dazzle is a wonderful thing, especially when you want to add that final little touch to the perfect look. When it’s your wedding day, adding a vintage brooch to your wedding attire might just be what makes the look work. It’s the very same with your DIY wedding invitations. By using embellishments such as with buckles and brooches, you can really add to the entire ensemble that will be the representation of your wedding, after all, it is the first wedding item your invitees will see with the wedding theme in mind.

When it comes to embellishments, there are many types, shapes and styles to choose from when you are creating your DIY wedding invitations. Since you have decided to be a DIY Bride, the task of making sure everything complements one another falls on you, and it’s going to be a fun and wonderful journey.

Let’s look at the styles that you can use for your big day’s unveiling, shall we?

DIY Invitations | Brooches

Vintage brooches are the rave, aren’t they? They add elegance and sophistication to anything it touches, your DIY invitations included. There are many to choose from, inspired by flowers, the sun, peacocks, and even a watermelon. Clad in faux pearls and diamante (both clear and coloured), to achieve the appeal of its inspiration and the desired vision, these brooches will be the right touch to your DIY wedding invitation design.

DIY Invitations Peacock Brooch

DIY Invitations | Buckles

A buckle and a ribbon can really set the tone in romance and chic, doesn’t it? A beautiful organza or satin ribbon and a faux diamante buckle would really enhance the look of your invite card, especially if you are thinking of a layered styling with an elegant mix of speciality paper. Consider unique ways of styling the ribbon, and the position of it against the buckle too.

DIY Invitations |Clusters

These clusters which also come with faux diamante and pearls are similar to the brooches, but come with a self adhesive back for your convenience. These can be easily affixed to your DIY wedding invitations as well as any other wedding stationery item be it the menu card, the place cards or even a bomboniere. Varying in shapes and sizes, this would also be ideal to accent your stationery theme even further, as you can couple it with a ribbon or even opt out to feature it as a standalone element.

DIY Invitations Self Adhesive Double Round Pearl Cluster

Find the right look for your DIY wedding invitations and stationery by considering embellishments such as brooches, buckles and clusters for your wedding!