Your wedding day will be approaching fast. Although it seems like a long time away, it will be here before you know it. It’s normal to feel excited, happy and stressed all at the same time. Questions and worries floating through your mind all through the day can make you feel unorganized and confused. The wedding invitations just have to be perfect. You haven’t found a style yet that you feel is right for the both of you. Not to worry though, we’re going to reveal some tips for DIY Wedding Invitations.

Find the Right Place

There are many websites that offer DIY software to design your own wedding invitations. They are easy to use, enable you to personalize the invitations and offer discount pricing for doing your own designs. They have a multitude of styles, designs, colors and papers types to choose from. Take some time to look around and browse the site before choosing a style that suits you. Don’t look at it like a task. It is actually exciting and fun to browse through the invitations these sites offer.

Where to Begin

Choose a style, color, background, and type of paper you like. You will want something that will be impressive and still have your personal touch included.

Next, you need to sit down and decide what you want the invitation to say. If you want standard wording, then it won’t have that personal touch you are looking for. Of course you can combine some of your own wording with it, but it is much more personal if you create your own.

Do you have a poem, a song, a verse, or a saying that is special to the both of you? Is there something in nature you both like? Do you have a lot of the same interests or love a certain season? Maybe you are both good writers, why not write a verse, poem or short, sweet story about where or how you met.

There are so many options you can choose for the wording. You can make it long and drawn out or something sweet and short. Either way, it is that unique, personal touch that you want.

What Can You Add?

Talk to a wedding invitation counselor by chat or phone. They can help you decide what is best to put on your invitation. They may even have some excellent suggestions. At the very least they can point you in the right direction.

When choosing the type of DIY invitation, one with a pocket is sometimes the best. This allows you to insert all the other cards that need to be sent with the invitation, such as the direction and accommodation cards, registry cards and the RVSP’s.

Check Before Ordering

When you have what you want to write in the DIY invitation, have all the information for the other cards that will be needed, have chosen a color and design, be sure to check your spelling. When you do your invitations, companies print exactly what you give them. They most likely will not do a spell check for you. Make sure all the information for the other cards is correct also.

Now, go play on the internet, have fun, create a few samples and see just how easy it is to Do It Yourself.