A simple thank you goes a long way. When you take the time out of your busy schedule to send out a personal and sincere note of thanks, that means a lot. In this article, we will look at a beautiful and yet simple way you can deliver a truly personal wedding thank you card to your guests.  The basics include DIY wedding thank you cards, a monogram stamp and copies of some of your wedding photos of your choosing.

Essentially, the output will be a DIY wedding thank you card pack, which will include a DIY embossed finish, a set of the best wedding photos, the envelopes and final additions that can include a tag and a ribbon, to make the entire bundle presented prettily.  The materials you will need for the entire DIY thank you card project includes the following.

  • DIY Wedding Thank You Card Kit (as per the quantity you require)
  • Envelopes as per the Thank You Card sizing
  • Tags (Luggage, Custom Tags, or Paper to cut out tags)
  • A “Thank You” Stamp
  • Custom Monogram Stamp
  • Copies of Selection of Your Wedding Photos
  • Watermark Ink
  • Ink (Colour of Your Choosing)
  • Thermal Embossing Powder
  • Heat Gun
  • Ribbon or String

To get started, take care of the stamping so that you do it neatly. Start with the “Thank You” stamps, using tags, such as luggage tags, or custom tags in the sizing you want, or cut out tags from paper you have acquired. Stamp the tags with the regular ink by pressing it down on the paper firmly, but make sure to remove the stamp quickly so that you do not create ink blotches in the free space and keep it aside.

To emboss your monogram onto the wedding thank you card, use the monogram stamp with watermark ink, press it down firmly on the paper and then remove it quickly. Sprinkle or shake the thermal embossing powder over the card in the area of the watermark monogram, until it is covered. If you want to remove the excess powder, merely tap on the card and scoop it back into the container of the powder. However, do make sure that you do not leave behind any specks of powder on the other areas of the card (except where it is intended) and brush it off. After you have carried this out, use the heat gun, turn it on and melt the embossing powder, which should take a few minutes to have it ready.

After you have a completed wedding thank you card with the wordings written inside, you can proceed to put together your wedding thank you package, which includes the photographs inserted into the thank you card, all included in the envelope. Following this, you can tie your ribbon or string in an appealing manner and finish it off with the ‘Thank You’ tag. Now, you have a beautiful and personal thank you card, ideal to let your guests know how much their presence at your wedding meant to you and your spouse.