You’ve got the DIY wedding invitations & stationery for your big day. The next step is to add your creative touch and make it come alive from a blank card to a beautiful masterpiece. One way you can accent and accessorise the look of your DIY wedding invites and stationery would be with the use of ribbons.

DIY invitations Accessorized with Ribbons in Creative Ways

Ribbons can prove to be such pretty and easy items to use when accessorising anything, whether it’s your wedding invitations, the flower bouquets to even the wedding attire. There are many types of ribbons for the choosing, not just fabric and paper. Today, we look at how ribbons can help in enhancing the look of your DIY wedding invitations and stationery. These can range from the likes of sheer, organza, grosgrain, velvet, iridescent, wired, patterned and baby ribbons, depending on the theme and look you are striving for, provided it complements the DIY invitations and other items being used to accessorise it.

Pretty Bows: The most common and loved form of ribbon accent are bows. You can use a single bow or double bows for a fuller effect, whether with sheer or solid ribbons, placed strategically to complement the layout of your wedding invitation and stationery such as the order of service, for instance.

Belly Bands: These come to good use in order to provide a beautiful way to round up all the items sent with the wedding invitation package such as the RSVP card, directions and accommodations, and well wishing cards together. The band that wraps around these items can either be connected with or without a complementing accent feature such as a bow or an embellishment like a cluster or buckle.

Binding Styles: Add an accent to the folds of your invitations and other cards & stationery, by adding a ribbon along the fold with a spine binding. Add a buckle or bow to pretty it up further. Another way for you to use ribbons as a binding feature, is with a punched hole and a fan binding, which bunches up several cards together and holds it in place so that items do not get misplaced. Style it as a tassel for a delightful detail to the card ensemble.

Other ways in which you can use ribbons for your DIY wedding invitations and stationery would be to use it as a decorative feature with crafty designs. These can include anything from border trims, with the ribbon as it is or with decorative origami folds, weaves, ‘ruched’ styling, and flower art to name a few.