Most of us know DIY as “Do it Yourself”, but there’s a new twist on it now. That would be to “Design it Yourself”. Starting with a design all the way up to executing it at your hands is a great and personal thing, especially when it involves your wedding day. When it comes to your DIY wedding invitations, stationery and other items that you might need on the day of the wedding, you can have a pick of any design you like. This is especially true since you can source the materials easily and create something magical from it.  Let’s find out some great designs for DIY wedding invitations that’s creating a buzz out there and how you can make it come true for you.

Handmade Wedding Invitation in Box

You probably already have a great idea in mind for your DIY wedding invitations. When you are choosing the handmade route of design, there is a greater appeal as the card in itself becomes a keepsake item from your wedding day. As a representation of the good news of your nuptials, your DIY wedding invitations should receive the respect it deserves. Go all the way with your wedding invitations to fit your budget. Whether you are opting for speciality paper, fancy embellishments and the likes, make sure to fit your invitation into a lovely invitation box for a beautiful presentation. Using an invitation box would be ideal when the contents of the wedding invitation design include delicate items, such as a feather appliqué or merely as a making a unique statement of your wedding.

This trend was made even more popular with the recent “Bridesmaids” movie which featured an invitation box with the wedding invitation card, as well as trinkets and a box that contained a live butterfly that flew away when opened.

DIY Invitations Rigid Invitation Box - Square - Gloss White (150x150mm)

Tie a Knot DIY Wedding Invitation

The phrase “tying the knot” comes from various cultures where it means to say ‘wedlock’. A new trend involves a gate fold wedding invitation with string attached to each gate, where it opens up to tie the knot in the centre of the string that is attached. This is a fabulous and unique way of making a statement with your DIY wedding invitations.

Another way of opting for a knot design could be to put in a bow to tie your DIY wedding invitation package nice and tight. Whether it’s a gate fold design, pocket wedding invitation or any other style, you can simply use a ribbon to tie it all in place with a cute bow.

DIY Invitations DL Invite Tri-fold 180mm

These are some great ways brides and grooms alike have honed in their creativity to make something beautiful using DIY materials. With DIY wedding invitations, you aren’t just spreading the good news; you are making a personal statement.