When it comes to gift giving, whether for personal use, or as thank you gifts/bomboniere favours/invitations at weddings and other special events, it’s always a good idea to present it a neat little box, so that all the contents within are safe and beautifully presented too. With DIY boxes, you can easily get the same at the fraction of the cost with beautiful custom and personal touches too. Your family and friends will definitely appreciate the gesture, no matter the content. Whether the gift is big or small, you will need a box to fit it just right. Let’s look at your options and some ideas on how to style them to fit your theme or personality.

DIY Invitations Luxury Rigid Invitation Box - Square - Star Dream Quartz Card Stock DIY Assembly Invitation Boxes

Options for your DIY boxes include various shapes and sizes, and also uses. There are wedding invitation boxes, gift boxes and also bomboniere or favour boxes, where their shape, sizes and depth will match their respective need. Invitation boxes are usually shallow, whilst gift and bombonieres require a certain depth and width to fit the content. Accordingly, at DIY Invitations, you are offered the following options according to the three categories.

DIY Invitation Boxes DIY Gift Boxes DIY Bomboniere Boxes
Square Invitation Boxes Hardcover Invitations
DL Invitation Boxes
A6 Invitation Boxes
A5 Invitation Boxes
Rigid Invitation Boxes
Flat Pack Invitation Boxes
Small Boxes
Trinket Boxes
Mug Boxes
Book Boxes
Crystal Boxes
Lingerie Boxes
Wine Boxes
Gown Boxes
Plastic Bomboniere Boxes
Paper Bomboniere Boxes
Bomboniere Tags (Box Accessory)

These DIY invitation boxes come in crisp black, black matte, white gloss, kraft, off-white kraft, StarDream Cystal, and Star Dream Quartz paper to name a few, with DIY assembly and come in flat packs of 10 each. Similarly, the DIY gift boxes, as well as DIY bomboniere boxes come in varying, sizes, shapes and materials too (either paper or plastic).  You have DIY assembly boxes to fit small items, trinkets, mugs, books, crystal items, lingerie, wine and even gowns and such items. The styles of boxes include cube boxes in paper or plastic, as well as the ever so trendy pillow and noodle boxes also available in either plastic or paper too.  You can also purchase bomboniere tags to accompany the favours as well, custom printed to include a lovely message for your friends or guests.

The way you do up your boxes is how you will stand out. Moving away from the simple bow accessory, you can do anything you want with the right materials (and even embellishments such as clusters, brooches and so on), and a little imagination and creativity. If you have gift wrapping materials such as cloth ribbons or even paper ribbons, then you are on the right path. Attempt to wrap the boxes using a wrap technique, weave style or something different to the cross wrap method. Use unconventional wrapping materials such as string, newspapers, or even doilies, burlap and more to make your DIY boxes stand out.