Everybody loves getting gifts, but essentially, it is the thought that counts. However, if you are gifts, then putting some extra effort into how you present it can go a long way. It’s the same thing when it comes to gift giving at your wedding, in the forms of wedding favours or wedding bombonieres. Today, we focus on the great selection of DIY gift boxes made available by DIY Invitations and also how they can work for your wedding.

There are various types of gift boxes available out there, and can be classified differently from invitations boxes, to gift boxes and not forgetting the wedding favours or bomboniere boxes. These are available on the online store, and can also be used for other purposes should you require them, taking them from what they were intended to be. If you see a way they can work for you, whether for your wedding day, a milestone or special event or even just for day-to-day activities.

DIY Invitation Boxes

The first selection of DIY boxes are the invitation boxes which can be used to send out your wedding invitations, in a quality, high-end package that makes a statement. These invitation boxes that can also be assembled yourself, comes in varying sizes and not to mention colours, finishes and textures depending on your wedding theme. Choose from the likes of the sizing of the boxes which include A4, A5, A6 sizes, as well as square (150mm x 150mm, 13mm depth), DL (220mm x 110mm, 13mm depth), rigid and flat pack boxes that can leave a great impression with your invitees. These boxes can also be used for other requirements, such as to hold a beautiful gift for your bridesmaids and maid of honour, or something else altogether.

DIY Invitations Wedding Invitations Boxes

DIY Gift Boxes

The next selection of boxes which can be assembled together are the gift boxes. These come in a myriad of sizes to fit various types of gifts and range from small to large items and also, the material used to make these DIY gift boxes also make a statement, depending on whether you are opting for paper board boxes or clear PVC boxes that are so chic if accessorised right. Choose from the likes of small, trinket, mug, book, crystal, lingerie, wine, and gown boxes for the perfect look when giving out gifts in the colour, paper texture, and finish you desire for a high-end quality look. Classified under small boxes, you will find the clear PVC box ranges where you can see the contents within, and include the styles of cubic boxes, pillow pack boxes and also noodle boxes.

DIY Bomboniere Boxes

This selection is similar to that made available in the small box range under gift boxes and features the likes of paper bomboniere boxes as well as plastic bomboniere boxes that are made out of thin and clear PCV. Some of the popular box styles include the two-piece sets, which includes the base and lid (that can be accessories with tape, ribbons and more), noodle boxes as well as cube boxes. In terms of plastic PVC boxes, you can choose between cube boxes and pillow pack boxes where the content is visible. In this case, you can add coloured tissue paper, potpourri, or any other item to spruce up the look that you are going for and then further accessorise with the likes of a ribbon, a bow cluster and more depending on the style of your wedding or special event.

DIY Invitations Medium Cube PVC Clear Bomboniere Box