Most of the bridal couples out there want something different and memorable to represent their special day. Some of them opt to go down the DIY wedding invitations route, some look for handmade layered wedding invites and the rest, they look for ways in which to make the most unique wedding invites out there. In this article, we will be looking at ways in which you can make DIY Wedding Invitations with pop-up designs and styles.

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Firstly, you will have to decide where you are going to host your special day, in terms of the ceremony and the reception. Once that is sorted out, you will need to figure out the dates and times which the venues are available to you. Accordingly, you will have all the information you need to start on your wedding invite wording. If you want to create a pop-up wedding invites, then there are several steps to take, as mentioned below.

Steps for a DIY Pop-Up Wedding Invite

      1. Look around for inspiration and ideas on what your masterpiece will be like. What will be the colour, or the theme and other decorations you will include in the final product? What will pop-up when the card is opened?
      2. Acquire the DIY wedding invitations kits from your wedding invitation retailer, such as DIY Invitations. Make sure that you have selected the best option for you in terms of colour and design. If you are not too sure at this stage, order some samples and then use them to create mock-ups of the design. Try out various layouts and locations of the wedding invitation wording as well as the designs to see what is best suited for your type of wedding invites.
      3. Make sure to select the styles for the wording, colours for the text and the background, as well as how the entire text block will appear. You could stylise it to imitate a shape on the card, or something else entirely. However, make sure that you leave enough room for the pop-up material.
      4. Come up with a design or pattern which you want to use with the pop-up. Order the materials you require, in terms of extra coloured or speciality paper, to scissors, cutters, rulers and more. Make sure to leave a percentage off the edges for construction, and even use tissues or fanned paper when making mock-ups.
      5. Once you have a design or pattern figured out, make sure to have then cut out in the template of your choosing and ensure that they have been cut out correctly. Fix these to the DIY wedding invitation sample card and try it out by gluing the main component on side A, which gluing on the sleeve, which will allow the item to pop up when opened. Make sure that folding the card is easily done, because you need it to close properly and pop out when opened.
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