When it comes to your wedding invitations and other cards, such as the save the date cards, reply cards and thank you cards, there is much to be done. Nevertheless, do not fear, there are ways in which you can make sure that your designs are in line with the theme, without too much cost and definitely lots of creativity, and that is with the help of the good old DIY way. With DIY wedding invitations cards you can use paper stock or DIY invitation kits and add your own spark and magic to it with various means and styles to get that ‘wow’ effect that you desire.

With the right trims and accessories and also, do not forget a clear vision, you can do just about anything. The materials are also important, ensuring that you get the maximum effect with the minimum cost. To achieve that, a simple way of going about it using unique multifaceted materials and going against the grain in terms of traditional wedding invitation styles. In this article, we will look into such items and how you can put it to use.

In terms if the styles for your DIY wedding invitations and moving away from traditional types such as bi-fold, tri-fold and no-fold, you have the options of gatefold wedding invitations, pochette invitations, layered invitations, seal and send invites, stacked pocket invites and also rigid invitation boxes which can hold larger and more creatively designed creations.  The name of gatefold invites gives meaning to its style, which is a folded paper where the invite open up similarly to that of a gate. Pochette on the other is somewhat like the opening of a flower, with petals shaped edges folding on top of another. It is best finished off with a ribbon and box on the front facing. Seal and send invites are similar to that of messages of royal times, where the invite itself is folded and sealed with your choice of material, be it a monogrammed sticker or wax seal. Layered wedding invitations include different papers, of designs, patterns or colour, stacked atop on another to create depth and a design. These are quite popular because you only need to acquire the type of paper, which comes in colour, design and pattern, and paste it atop one another to get the effect. Rigid invitations boxes are boxes, which will contact the invite, which are usually either large or delicate and require boxes to carry its wonder.

Materials on the other hand, apart from the most obvious being different types of paper, you can opt for tissues and velum or wraps or even the creation of envelopes, or use paper, satin or lace ribbons for belly bands as finishing touches. The likes of studs, buckles, fasteners, lace & tape are also great trims to finish off the look you were trying to achieve.

In terms of treatments that you can use, apart from the usual, which includes embossing and engraving, you also have metallic or foil printing, or even the option of using such paper. Another great option is either indulging in the DIY or handmade version of laser cut treatment, which would require you to use a very sharp paper-cutting knife and a stencil or acquiring a puncher with the design you have in mind.

With such great ways in which you can truly get that desired “wow” effect from invitees, what is stopping you? Get down to business and have fun.