You’ve decided to be a DIY bride – congratulations! It will definitely be an exciting journey of discovery and fun. You’ll need supplies of course, and a committee of helpers (if you can rouse them up), and not to mention a vision. The first order of business would be with the likes of your DIY wedding invitations, Sometimes, the save the date cards are the first to be sent where brides prefer to send an image from the engagement shoot to announce their upcoming nuptials, which is pretty great DIY option too (as it ends up being a keepsake for your guests).

Regardless of whether you are sending photographic save the dates, DIY wedding invitations and their accessories, you can still tie the two together with a design element, such as with illustrations or doodle art, using pens in contrasting ink. a great and unique twist to the look you are going for, because it’s something different yet cohesive is to be able to use some form of design element which runs through the entire stationery suite. If you can get your hand on white ink pens for the photographic save the dates and a contrasting colour such as black for the DIY wedding invitations and include the same doodle/illustration element, or if you are using white or a light colour as a backdrop to your text and other design elements, these can definitely allow the theme to flow from one DIY wedding stationery item to another.

Doodle art and illustrations are fun to do when they are meaningful and quirky, especially if it goes well with the couples personalities. Quirky wedding invitations will definitely be memorable to your invitees, and they are such great keepsakes. You can use this style for your DIY wedding invitations in so many ways. Let’s find out how.

DreamDay Invitations Doodle Art Inspired DIY Wedding Invitations

First up, you have yourself either a plain DIY wedding invitation kit or a printable wedding invitation template (that comes with your desired invitation wording already printed). Some templates come with the names of the couple and the wedding date printed on the front, either right, left or centrally aligned. In such cases, you can easily work around the text as a border if it’s centrally aligned or if it’s either right or left aligned. Even add another piece of illustration to complement the border design too.

If you simply want to keep it simple, then you can and just have a doodle art or illustration as a focal design in your DIY wedding invitation. It can be anything you set your mind to. You could even have 3 or even 5 styles drawn up, and interchange them to feature in various DIY wedding invitations on rotation. You need to make sure that each of these doodles can easily be recognised and are cohesive to your illustrated theme.

If you are planning on using photography, opt for a high-contrast ink colour, such as a white Sharpie pen, and overlay your design on top. It’ll be a lovely way to further personalise your photographic DIY wedding invitation/stationery. For those who are more adventurous, you could feature an all-over design or pattern, so something mixed with typography, illustrations of the bride and groom, speech balloons and more.

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