If you have fine taste in design but you are keen on sticking to your budget, then here’s a great way to achieve your goal of a beautiful, lush and memorable wedding. Start with DIY wedding invitations first, as the stepping stone to making sure you stick to your budget but also get that luxurious look for your dream day!  Just because you have opted for a DIY budge- friendly wedding doesn’t mean that you have to compromise in terms of what your invitations and stationery will look. It’s all about finding the right materials you will need to make something beautiful come alive.

The current bar for luxurious wedding invitations involves using high quality paper. You can use standard paper, where it includes a texture, sheen or even plain, whereas with speciality paper it can have any colour, finish or look. When you opt to DIY your wedding invitation and stationery, as you will be putting together this handmade look, you are free to decide what sort of design, style and layout you want to go with. This alone allows you to save, as you can find out ways to minimise wastage, and use as much of your materials as you can.

 DIY Wedding Invitations | Stationery | Paper, Embellishments, Seals

Layered wedding invitations are definitely the talk of the town, even the world, if you will. With the right paper choices such as pairing taupe quality paper with pebbled speciality paper used in the framing layers, you can definitely get an elegant and classy look. These styles of DIY wedding invites are usually of the folded variety, but there’s no reason why you can’t opt for a flat card with the layered design on one side and the other holding the invitation wording. This will save you on material cost, and help you achieve a luxurious look whilst sticking to your budget.  If you are  opting for a flat card and need to include other invitation accessories such as the reply, directions and accommodations, wishing well and gift registry cards, then you can easily do up a belly band to bundle them all together before tucking them into your quality envelope.

Layered Wedding Invitations Inspired By DreamDay Invitations

If the design that you have envisioned for your big day can accommodate other accents and embellishments, then go for it. This can be part of your feature design, such as with the layered style, you can add a cluster or brooch design as you can with the belly band too. Another way to upgrade up your DIY wedding invitation into the luxurious masterpiece would be to use a DIY invitation box to fit in your invitation and accessories. With the right type of paper, a beautiful design and the right DIY strategy, you’ll have luxurious DIY wedding invitations in no time.