With embellishments, you can enhance the look of any DIY wedding invitation card with a placement of a cluster, brooch or buckle. You can either couple this with a ribbon, a belly band, or have it just there alongside your speciality paper. A lovely trend that’s out there is the gate-fold card stock wedding invitations that are embellished with two clusters and a ribbon that is clasped to each cluster and goes around the DIY wedding invitation. This is usually accompanied by a classy DIY wedding invitation box for that oomph effect. DIY doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style. It’s an affordable way to a luxury handmade wedding invitation of your dreams.

DIY Invitations Self Adhesive Double Round Clear Cluster

The meaning of ’embellished’ means to say ‘the attractiveness of an item being heightened with the addition of decorative details or features‘. This can be any item that you feel would add a lovely touch to your DIY invitations. Usually, you start on adding the decorative items once you have completed the initial steps of creating your unique and custom wedding invitations, which is ensuring the invitation wording is there, as well if it’s a folded card, making sure everything is folded and aligned. After the basics are done, you can add on your embellishments to your DIY wedding invitation card. Like we said before, it you want to a beautiful high end look to your budget friendly invite card for your wedding, then go with a crisp satin ribbon and embellish the ends that meet in the centre of the gate-fold card with brooches or cluster, and finish it off by including it in an invitation box. But there are more ways to embellish your invitations than one.

DIY Invitations Embellishments

The way you embellish your DIY wedding invitations is your own interpretation on how a decorative element can enhance the look of your idea. Let’s say you have a beautiful piece of paper or card stock, to which you can either have the DIY wedding invitations retailer print the invitation wording onto it (that is customisable to your liking which is done if they are a reputable company), print it on your own printer or handwrite it or (or employ a calligrapher). After this step, you can add your little trims and embellishments. Clusters, brooches, diamante rhinestone appliqués, metallic pen doodles or illustrations (or even in pencils or watercolours), ribbons and much more.

These are all things you can do to enhance the look of your wonderful and fabulously unique DIY wedding invitations. Let us know if you have any more great ideas to add!