Glamorous events do not come by every day, and a wedding is definitely one worth adding some sparkle into your lives. Sometimes, planning for a glamorous wedding, one of out your wedding scrapbook that you have had since your teenage days might cause a slight dent in your wallet. Therefore, here at DIY Invitations, we have some options for you on how to DIY your wedding invitations as well as add some of that shimmer and sparkle for a fraction of the cost.

So, how can you save with your DIY wedding invitations? Well, that is easy. First, you browse for the base materials and purchase them. Find a wedding invitations retailer that also offers you DIY invitations kits and find the colours and sizing that you wish for your vision and purchase them in the quantity you wish. It is always best to get a few extra, at least 10%-20% of the total guest list, in case you need to redo some invites or need to invite a few more people, in case you missed them.DreamDay Invitations Mocca DIY Wedding Invitations

Once you have figured out the colours, the size and the type of DIY invitation base paper, you will need to think about how you are going to decorate the bare space available. Some couples opt to use decorative paper, which adds some shimmer and then some embellishments such as diamante-embellished buckles, floral accents, ribbons and lace.  The use of decorative paper is a popular option, where you acquire designs of filigree, toile, baroque, floral, damask or a design of your choosing which you can have printed. There is also the option of having treatments applied to them or purchasing decorative paper that have treatments such as embossing, engraving or foil printing done to them. Either way, the use of decorative paper also depends on the layout you have in mind and finding a balance in the style, design and layout. Having decided on all that, you might want to add some final additions to your design. Be it with some glitter, a ribbon, a buckle, diamantes or even a floral accent, you can add those to your DIY wedding invitations design.

DreamDay Invitations Aqua DIY Wedding Invitations

If you are wondering where the invitation wording comes into this equation, there are two ways you can go about it. The first option would be to hand it over to the invitations company that is supplying you the DIY invitation kits. DreamDay Invitations offers this solution, where you can add your entire guest list, and customise your wedding invitation wording along with it, and they will print it and deliver it to your doorstep. If not, there is the option of calligraphy, either acquiring a toolkit or hiring a calligrapher. Use embellishments to add a finishing touch to your DIY wedding invitations and add a little glitz to your wedding.