Weddings can be anything from luxurious to casual, depending on your personal preferences, styling and budgeting. When it comes to a classy, elegant wedding, there are factors that go into play to make it so, starting with your wedding invitations and stationery, all the way up to the choice of desserts you are serving. If you are looking towards hosting such as wedding, with personal touches, you might be in the market for the likes of hardcover DIY wedding invitations and boxes for an elegant finish to what you will be using to unveil the good news of the upcoming nuptials to your family and friends.

Hardcover DIY Wedding Invitations & Stationery Ideas

Hardcover wedding invitations offer a sturdy and crisp looking design to bear the news of the big day. As they are made from premium card stock with a variation of delightful finishes that gives them a pearlescent and luxurious look. The standard size for the hardcover wedding invitation books is 154mm x 154mm, with a 6mm spine to ensure that when your invitees receive it, it will be void of any wear and tear, maintaining its crisp look.

With these DIY hardcover invites, what you need to do is pick the design and quality of the DIY paper or card stock you want to use for your creation, and figure out what your invitation wording will say. The online wedding invitations system allows you to also include guest names and addresses for the invitation and envelope respectively, and will print it for you for a finished look on the sleeves which will include printing. Thereafter, all you need to do is accessorise the invitation according to your liking, building up on the base of the printed hardcover DIY wedding invitations using colour cardstock for a layered wedding invitation effect, ribbons, embellishments and even appliqués such as glitter, flocking, to even creating embossing effect, and more.

With DIY or handmade wedding invitations, you might be using accessories that are ever so delicate and you want to preserve the look found on the exterior and would prefer to not have those crushed or disturbed while it is being delivered via mail. This is where DIY invitation boxes come into play, and can be sourced with the same quality of card you are using for the invitations, in the same colour or a contrasting one to make your invites ‘pop’! These DIY rigid invitation boxes can also be accessorised with a matching ribbon or embellishment to carry through the theme whilst safeguarding the contents inside.

DIY Invitations Rigid Invitation Boxes

With a luxurious finish and great presentation, your invitees will be blown away by the sheer elegance and thought you have put into the wedding invitations, and will not believe that they were handmade as the finish and quality will be truly professional, but by your hands.