If you are thinking of being a DIY bride, that’s great! You will be able to instil your brand of awesomeness into your wedding and it will be beautiful. Starting with your wedding invitation, then your stationery and even certain aspects of your wedding decor, you will have your say and it will be just perfect. However, you have to understand that as a Bride, you’ll have a lot of planning to do with your fiancé, and a lot of items on your plate to handle right up to the moment you walk down the aisle. Therefore, it’s important you either work out a plan to handle everything ahead of time, appoint people in your family or bridal party to undertake certain items or simply, find easy ways of doing up the likes of DIY wedding invitations and stationery, various elements of your decor accessories and more.

DIY Wedding Invitations

So, how do you go about doing up your DIY wedding invitations and stationery in an easy way? There are a few ways you could start, where the easiest way would be to call up a great invitation retailers who can provide you with DIY wedding invitation kits. Sometimes these kits come as a complete suite, so all you need to do is pick a colour and texture (in terms of paper choice and its weight in gsm), and then order them to add your own whirl of magic.

How do you go about adding that whirl of magic? It’s really simple if you have the right equipment. These include the likes of paper cutting scissors that are fine and precise; paper punches in various shapes and sizes that match the theme you have envisioned; stamps that say a few romantic words or something cool; ribbons and such trims; sprinkles and glitter dust; various paper adhesives; decorative tapes and more.

Feather DIY Wedding Invitations

These can be sometimes general if you take the likes of stamps that you can buy at your local stationer or off the web. What you can do is come up with a great design that fits your unique theme and have it custom made and sent across to you. This could be something along the lines of a monogram or personalised motif. You could also use natural elements such as skeleton and fossil leaves, shells, feathers, and petals to add your own unique touch to your DIY wedding invitations and stationery. If you don’t want to spend too much on the stamps, or the design you have does not require a certain level of precision, you could use items that are available in your home. These include the likes of sponges to get a beautiful effect with paint or glitter paint and so forth, or even use the likes of potatoes to cut out shapes and use that to stamp ink or paint onto your DIY wedding invitations.

These are just some ways in which you can make your life easier as DIY bride, and doing up your DIY wedding invitations in a fun and unique way.