There are so many fun and new ways to do up your DIY wedding invitations, but here’s a really cool way to stand out. Paper-cut DIY wedding invitations! Yep, you read that right; you can get that laser-cut look for yourself. Your wedding guests and invitees will be amazed; they’ll surely think it was done by a professional! Can you imagine their faces when they find out that it was all you? You can even add a little note that says “DIY Bride” and insert your name too!

DIY Invitations Quality and Affordable Card and Paper Stock for Weddings and Special Events in Australia

Here is a list of supplies you will need to make your Paper-Cut DIY Wedding Invitations

  • Quality DIY Invitations Card/Paper Stock (make sure this will fit in your printer). You can also opt to get DIY Invitations Printable Templates too, but make sure there is enough room for the paper cutting on the template you choose to fit your design onto. It’s best to do a few samples before you order your paper/card supplies in bulk
  • DIY Invitations Envelope. You can also opt to get envelope liners and seals if you wish
  • Scissors
  • DIY Invitations Specialty Wedding Paper (this will be used if needed as a backdrop for the paper-cut design)
  • Glue
  • Scalpel
  • Cutting Mat
  • Printer Access (do a trial run with the printer with inexpensive paper to make sure the printer doesn’t leave any trail marks on the paper)
  • Calligraphy Pen (if you need to add hand written notes. This can be used if you are not opting for DIY Invitations Printable Templates)
  • Guillotine

Here are the steps to your own paper-cut DIY wedding invitation!

Step 1

Find a template that you like, be it floral, art deco, or any theme for that matter, print it onto your card stock. Make sure to set the dimensions of the paper properly before you print. It’s always best to print on inexpensive paper before you are ready to print on the DIY wedding invitations card stock.  Once that is done, prepare your card, by folding it if needed.

Step 2

Cut out the design you have printed. Make sure your hands are clean. Place the cutting mat on a smooth surface, then get to work on using the scalpel to cut out your template, one incision at a time.  It helps to turn the paper to make the area you are about to cut perpendicular to your body to help with precision. Make sure to be extra careful with the finer areas, and to brush away cut pieces gently in case of tears.

DIY Invitations Australia Paper Cut DIY Wedding Invitations Design Sponge

And that’s it. If you would like to put in a backdrop with coloured or textured paper, go right ahead, or you can leave it as it is. It’s all up to you and your beautiful vision.