If you are trying to decide between opting for ready-made wedding invitations and going down the DIY route with handmade wedding invitations, there are lots of pros and cons to make up your mind. With DIY wedding invitations, you have the advantage of presenting personalised pieces of stationery, from the wedding invites to reply cards, and other on-the-day stationery items, which you can style according to your wedding theme and vision.

Something that is trending right now would be the use of metallic accents in the design and styling of your wedding, whether it’s in the DIY invitations and decor accents, or in other elements of your special day, such as attire, bouquets and even tableware. Popular choices of metallic colours for weddings are gold, silver and copper, when paired with choice colours such as white or black, and further complimented by an accent colour such as purple, teal, navy, and pink. When you put these beautiful colours together on your DIY wedding invitations and thereafter transcend them onto other wedding elements, you know you will have a beautiful wedding day that will be the talk of everyone attending!

So, how would you go about adding metallic accents onto your DIY wedding invitations? We have a few suggestions for you! It can be used hand in hand with the paper used, the ink or print (in terms of foil printing, and appliqués and embellishments you opt to choose.

There are many options of paper that give off a beautiful sheen, such as the StarDream range of paper and card stock for your DIY invitations, or other varieties such as shimmer or sparkle. However, there is also specialty paper such as with foil printing that gives off a reflective sheen, others which are accented with embossing or flocking on paper that gives off a dull sheen, or even accented with metallic glitter. Some examples courtesy of DIY Invitations include Metallic Icon, Metallic Tiger Stripe, Embossed Pebbles in Silver, Embossed Floral in Gold, Glittered Vine Attraction in Gold, Embossed Pebbles in Bronze and Flocked Nature’s Walk in Silver.

DIY Wedding Invitations with Metallic Accents

Other ways in which you can pair metallic accents onto your DIY wedding invitations includes using foil prints or glitter accents on the invitation wording, or with appliqués and embellishments. Using foil printing or glitter for the wording and text is pretty straightforward. You can easily use the likes of trims such as ribbons and lace in gold, silver, copper or bronze to add a beautiful sash or bow to your handmade creation, or even with the likes of clusters, brooches, buckles and custom design add-ons such as a starfish design to complete the look of your DIY wedding invitation.

Adding a little bit of metallic glitz will go a long way in making your DIY wedding and invitations stand out amongst the rest. Keep these tips in mind when doing up a metallic themed DIY wedding with beautiful wedding invitations and stationery too!