Origami is an oriental style of art and craft, and essentially in definition and translation, it means to say “folding paper”, as “ori” translates to ‘folding’ whilst “gami” means ‘paper’ (a connotation of kami). This Japanese art form has spread throughout the world. The beauty of the creations can truly marvel and the precision and patience it takes to make them truly tests one’s character. Therefore, when you opt to do up your DIY wedding invitations in a unique way, you might want to think of Origami and DIY Wedding Invitations.

There are many types of origami, as well as techniques and materials, which you can use. In addition, when it comes to shapes there also various types you can come up with, whether it is to tie it up with your wedding theme, with the traditional ones being flowers, or even just something the bride and groom cherish and want to use as their wedding theme.  In this edition of DIY Wedding Invitations, we have looked into a few ways types and shapes of origami you can use for your DIY wedding invitation base that you can acquire. Let us look at what you can do.

1. Cranes

Cranes are considered lucky, and for you to feature a crane on the front facing of your DIY wedding invite would be quite lucky too. Cranes are also one of the popular origami shapes and is considered somewhat easy to implement, once you have gotten the hang of it. Make a few samples before you embark on the final one.

2. Butterflies

Butterflies, whether they are real, photographs or even illustrations, they are all beautiful. For you to come up with something as like an origami butterfly is so unique and unusual that could amaze your invitee trying to figure out how you did it. You can find yourself creating simple yet beautiful butterflies with patterned paper, or intricate complex ones as well.

3. Lotus

Lotus flowers are beautiful and are quite intricate depending on the type of origami you choose. No matter which one you choose, your outcome of a beautiful lotus flower will be quite spectacular. You can opt to use one large intricate lotus or many to form a design on your DIY wedding invite. The choice is up to you.

4. Roses

Roses have always held a place in weddings and even in origami; you will find these beauteous flowers. Decked in red, white or whichever colour you have chosen and with different folding types for a larger bloom or even bud, you can arrive at a beautiful design for the invite.

5. Hearts

A heart origami is quite appropriate for a wedding, don’t you think? In addition, it can be quite intricate. This carefully folded heart could very well be the centrepiece of your design or even make up a design of its own using various heart origami pieces.

6. Other Shapes

Other shapes that you can make with origami for your DIY wedding invites include the likes of a windmill, fish, peacock, wreath, seashells, horses, elephants, doves, swans, stars and many more. Start discovering now!