Art in itself is a varied and diverse topic altogether, but here, we are talking about pencil art in the sense of how it can help in your wedding designs and using it on your wedding invitations. Illustrations are quite the rave with wedding themes and stationery, but this is one style is one that is still very sentimental and rare.

There are many types of pencil art out there, from charcoal to chalk, lead art, doodles and even colour pencil art, which are beautiful when the final output comes out.  When it comes down to what the art is all about, there are many items you can feature on your wedding invitation. From a pencil art portrait of the couple, to details of the couple’s attire, such as the wedding dress sketch, or even illustrations of the wedding venue and various decor elements, that is the focal element of your special day. Usually, you find your wedding theme around a colour or an inspiration from a certain element. It could be the altar you plan on getting married at and the details around it, to the wedding cake topper, which can be anything from the traditional bride and groom, to lovebirds, these elements can be found all across your wedding design, and therefore also featured on your wedding invitations and other wedding stationery.

When you are planning on doing up DIY wedding invitations, all you will need to acquire from your wedding invitations vendor would be the DIY wedding invite kits, and from thereon, put artistry to the test. If you are artist in question, then it is up to you to do up some great sketches and designs. If not you can also hire someone who is gifted with creative skill of pencil art, and have them create a masterpiece for you. If that artist in question is also gifted in calligraphy, then you are crossing out two items on your to-do list, the illustrations and design, as well as the text that needs to be done on your DIY wedding invitations.

For those couples who are getting married at great landmarks in Australia, your DIY wedding invitations can feature them so that everyone will know where you are getting married from the moment they have your wedding invite in hand. If you are planning to have your ceremony at the Sydney Harbour, then by all means, feature the beauty of architecture of this great landmark as your focal element on your wedding invite using pencil art. Like so, there are so many ways you can do up your DIY wedding invitations and stationery. Think of the great possibilities, and try them out through samples before committing to it and clear all doubt.