The Invitation Boxes Trend

They say that presentation is everything, and that saying isn’t more applicable to than when planning the perfect wedding. Your invitation for the wedding in itself is a representation of the actual day, therefore, a lot of thought has to go into it to make sure the first impression your family, friends and other guests perceive is what you intended. That is why we all go through the various processes of selecting, designing, proofing, and also gathering opinions and feedback on the choices you have so far. Nevertheless, back to presentation, especially that of your wedding invitations, a great trend is afoot, one that is known as the wedding invitation boxes trend.

What is it, you may ask! It’s about presenting your invitations for your wedding neatly in an organised manner in a beautiful wedding box that fits your invite and other stationery in perfectly.

Rigid Invitation Box

You will come across a variety of choices of wedding invitation boxes to neatly package your delightfully done up DIY wedding invitations. These range according to shape, sizing, the type of box as well as the material and colours you choose. If you have selected a DIY wedding invitation kit and suite, then you can opt for the ones that best suit your look. Remember, presentation is important. The options include 150×150 Square, DL sized as well as A5, with choices of paper that includes Matt, Glossy, Kraft, and Star Dream Crystal Paper.

For your handmade wedding invites to be protected, each type of invitation box has been created in a way that blends in well as a whole package. The type of paper you choose and well as the colour can compliment your creation, and this goes on further with the types of textures that are on offer at DIY Invitations. Whilst choosing your invitation kits or even contacting a designer to do up your handmade invitation, make sure to also peruse the available option so that you get a whole package. These boxes are suitable to be sent via post as they are rigid enough for the process of delivery.


Invitation Boxes


Depending on the sizing you choose, square (150x150mm) or DL (110x220mm), and even A5 (210x150mm) the depth of each box spans at 13mm internally, giving you enough room to not only include the DIY invitations but also other stationery that usually accompanies it such as the reply cards, accommodations and directions cards and even gift registry card. You will definitely make a statement with your wedding invitation boxes, and the best part is that your invitees can used it again and again, or even keep it as keepsake.