How to Add Accessories to Your DIY Wedding Invitations

Every bride wants a perfect wedding, and her groom wants only the best for her. However, weddings can be expensive, but that does not always mean that you have to give up your dream wedding. There are ways in which you can go with the same vision, with the likes of DIY wedding invitations. You have various options, and in this edition of DIY Wedding Invitations, we are going to focus on how and with what you can accomplish this.

There are two ways in which you can save money when opting for DIY wedding invitations, buy paper from scratch or buy DIY wedding invitation bundles for your to customise. The choice of buying paper sometimes is considered the cheaper alternative, in terms of money spent, however in terms of effort and time on your part, and possible your friends and family it can take a toll. Besides, you need to purchase more items to achieve a professional look, such as box cutters or even paper cutter (guillotine), to paper folders, cutting mats, and creasing equipment, which is available at stationery stores. This could add to more money being spent if you do not have these lying around the house or have the ability to borrow them from friends and family.

The ideal alternative would be to shop around at wedding invitations stores that offer DIY wedding invitations kits in varying colours, shapes, styles, and paper quality. In terms of paper, you have options from the standard paper, to the paper with the sheen and also recycled paper. From there you have options of colours that vary from white and black being the traditional choices to ivory, gold, silver, pink, red, purple, blue, yellow, green, orange, brown, and neutral tones. Certain invitation kits come in the pocket variety, tri-folds and no-folds, so if you have a vision in your mind with these styles, there is nothing holding you back.

Since the base of the DIY wedding invitation is sorted, which essentially is the paper, the quality of the paper, the shape and fold and not forgetting the envelopes, the next move is to look into accessorising the DIY wedding invite. The options are many, and if you start with embellishments, they are a dozen and more. From gems & sequins, to paper miniature banners with a personalised handwritten wording, to rhinestones, miniature items like bells, hearts and rings, crystal or diamante buckles ad adhesive gems, feathers, skeleton leaves, to ribbon bows made out of satin and organza to miniature bows, strands of pearls and lace accents are just a handful of your choices. Apart from this you also can opt for die cut paper shapes such as brides and grooms, hearts and the likes, while stickers include peel-off embossed stickers with writing, and well as seals.

With such options, you can easily accessorise your DIY wedding invitations from the get-go, no matter where you start or which option you take.