Art with Tape – DIY Wedding Invitations

Coming up with great ideas is fun, especially when it’s for your big day. When deciding on a design for DIY wedding invitations and stationery, there are many great ideas that come to mind. You could use watercolours, photographs, specialty paper and embellishments and more. However, if your style aesthetic and preference is more simple and elegant, then these ideas using decorative tape might strike a fancy for you to feature on your DIY wedding invitations.

All you need to do up your DIY wedding invitations would be to purchase some invitation kits either of the pre-cut or hardcover variety, or even opt for printable invitation templates that comes with the invitation wording printed. In terms of supplies, you will need decorative tape, such as Washi Tape, scissors, paint and coloured pens/pencils if you want to add some decorations around the tape art too. These are just the basics. If you would like to add more elements, you can, as long as you and your fiancé like the end result. Let’s look at some ideas for your DIY wedding invitation.


Bunting designs are so happy and celebratory, so why not use it to represent your special day? All you need to get this look is a simple bunting scallop design across your DIY invitation card for your wedding, be it with one scallop loop, or even two or three, with little triangles cut to paste them on the line. The bunting flags can either be in one colour or design, or in several to create a fusion of lovely patterns that will go well together.

Mismatched Heights

If you want to be abstract with patterned and colour tape without sticking to a design, then this would be ideal. Paste varying tape designs and colours to the backdrop of your invitation card in mismatched heights. You can either align them at the bottom or the top (to mimic a streamer). You could even try this horizontally too. It creates a lovely shabby chic/rustic chic aesthetic based on the colour choices as well as the texture & colour of the paper it will be on. Add an accent such as a ribbon or some text on a different colour tape to finish it off.

Single Tape Features and Borders

You can always keep it simple by just opting for a thin strip of tape (either a quarter of the actual width) and pasting it as a single line feature aligned on one side. You can of course add a few similar lines of the same width or varying widths for more definition and a design feature in a singular location, or use it through the card as a border design.

DIY Wedding Invitations with Tape Designs

Tape with Photographs

A simple way to add tape into your DIY wedding invitations that feature photographs would be to use it inconspicuously as an accent feature around the photograph itself (as it is the focal element of your design). You can use two strips of tape of varying length (cut on each edge either straight or ‘torn’), and pasting it on the top and bottom of the photograph. Another option is to tape the corners of the photo, for a great keepsake photographic DIY wedding invitation.

Stay tuned for more ideas and inspiration for your DIY wedding with great DIY wedding invitations and stationery!

Tape Bunting Image by Peach Blossom UK