Gifting Ideas and Styling DIY Gift Boxes

Special events whether they are weddings, birthdays, engagements or any other milestone worth celebrating, one way to thank your guests would be with a thank you gift or bonbonniere. By presenting them within a DIY gift boxes decorated beautifully, the sentimental value of the chosen gift is further enhanced.

Choosing a personalised gift is so much better than not as it  gives weight to the thought you put into making sure the guests took away with them something that showed your thanks​. Depending on the type of DIY gift box you select, we’ve put together some gift box choices and inspirations for both the gift that you can include as well as the way you can wrap and present it.

Some gift ideas for your wedding or special events bombonieres/favours are as follows;

Bomboniere/Favours Ideal Gift Box Accessories
Mini Potted Succulents Clear PVC Box
Jarred Candles  Mug Box Personalised Round/Oval Labels
Plantable Seed Paper Designs  Trinket Box
Personalised Hershey Kisses Clear PVC Noodle Box
Loose Leaf Tea Favours Card Stock/Clear PVC Pillow Boxes Personalised Round Label
Personalised Napkin Rings Trinket Boxes
Personalised Champagne Glasses  Crystal Box
Personalised Lip Balms  Pillow Box Personalised Labels
Notepads  Book Box
Custom Glass/Ceramic Mugs/Mason Jars Mug Boxes
Miniature Porcelain Figurines  Mug Box/Crystal Box
Mints Trinket Boxes
Customised Soap/Bath Bombs Card Stock/Clear PVC Pillow Boxes Oval/Rectangle Personalised Labels
Goodie Bags Clear PVC/Card Stock Noodle Boxes Thank you Labels/Tags
Wedding Cake  Trinket/Cube Box Seals/Stickers

Depending on the above suggestions for the type of gift box to choose when gifting, here are DIY gift box designs. These are available as flat packs with clear instructions on how to assemble them on your own.

Gift Box Type Description
Small Box These boxes are also perfect for Bombonieres/Favours and will be mentioned in detail further below.
Trinket Box These are slightly larger than a small box, often with sizing of 80 x 80 x 60mm tall and available either coloured boxed or PVC clear DIY boxes
Mug Box These boxes are ideal to gift a mug in, and is a 110mm cube with a separate lid and base
Book Box Perfect for gifting books or anything of the sort, shape and size, they are available in different colours.
Crystal Box These boxes are ideal to gift champagne flutes or similar crystal/glass items
Lingerie Box If you’re looking to gift lingerie, or something that is that is personalised like handkerchief or scarves, then this type of DIY box would be ideal..
Wine Box If you’re planning on gifting wine, maybe with a personalise tag, then choose this box as it is the ideal size to accommodate the standard wine size

Cube Boxes

Trinket Boxes

Noodle Boxes



PVC Bomboniere Boxes

PVC Midi Pillow Boxes

Trinket Boxes with Clear PVC Lids