How to create an elegant wedding invitation for your perfect wedding

Planning a wedding has been every girl’s dream. It’s no secret that brides love planning every single detail to perfect their special day. From hosting an elegant traditional wedding to a modern day wedding, every bride and wedding planner needs to ensure the final product meets all their expectations.

A wedding invitation is one of the little details, which play a bigger role in a wedding. Deciding on the type of invitation can seem a little challenging at the beginning, but with a little planning and guidance, you can create your very own elegant invitation.

Our experts have drawn together a few simple steps to guide you towards creating an elegant wedding invitation.

Work on a budget and stick to it

Setting up a budget at the beginning is very important – so that you do not spend unnecessarily.

What you really need is the perfect wedding invitation, you can afford. Plan how many guests you will be inviting and work out a budget, including the cost for embellishments and printing.

Choose a design to suit your theme

Elegant Wedding Invitations

Sending out the perfect wedding invitation is essential!

The invitations are the first impression your guests will receive about the wedding, so we recommend you take your time to perfect the look you have in mind.

Draw inspiration from blogs, websites, and bridal magazines, that specialize in elegant designs for modern day brides. We recommend a plain background such as ivory or white, to work with the classic, elegant theme. It is always best to order samples of invitation paper to have a look and feel of the texture of the paper before you finalize the design.

Once you select the right paper (plain, shimmer. Metallic or emboss), you have a great chance to play around with card shapes, pocket inserts, and embellishments to add on to your design.

Get creative!

Once you have selected the right paper, type of card, based on your budget to suit your theme, the next step is to plan out the information that needs to be included in the wedding invitation.

We recommend flat or folded cards for elegant style wedding invitations, so that it looks chic and simple with classic embellishments to suit your theme.  Ribbons or simple buckles across the invitations look classy and suits almost any theme and décor.

When adding embellishments onto your wedding invitations, do not forget to use a type of glue that dries off quickly, and is clear when dry.

Enjoy getting crafty!

You will need to set aside a few hours or even days, to work on your wedding invitations.

Round up all your creative friends and then get started on your wonderful project (not before everyone samples the wedding wine of course!).

Do not forget to set dates that include a holiday or a two along with the weekend, so you can catch a break with your project members.