DIY Wedding Invitation Foil Designs

If you’re on a budget or you like being self-sufficient, there may be a number of reasons why you want to DIY your wedding stationery (starting with your DIY wedding invitations). There are many colours, shapes, styles and materials you can use depending on your inspiration or design vision/creative direction. Whichever way you choose to do up your DIY wedding invitations & stationery, be informed that certain online stationery and printing shops such as DIY Invitations Australia also offers you a very convenient choice of choosing foil designs too.  Keep on reading for more information on how you can get your very own foil DIY wedding invitations & stationery.

DIY Wedding Invitations Foiled Designs Foil Wedding Invites

First off, visit the DIY Invitations Australia website, find the online invitation templates. Download them (they are available in both Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Word templates), add your own creative flair and then convert your design into a PDF format where you can then upload it online to place your order.

Flat DIY Wedding Invitations

Flat wedding invitations offer a crisp way of presenting your wedding information. Where the paper weight needs to be over 200gsm making it strong enough to hold on its own, these flat DIY cards can be used for a number of wedding stationery items. You can choose them for your foil DIY wedding invitations, reply cards, wishing well cards, directions & accommodations cards and even your thank you cards. The choices available vary in size and also the templates available for choosing differ depending on font type and typography as well as foil print colour, between gold and silver.

Folded DIY Wedding Invitations

Folded cards on the other hand gives you more space to work with, letting you include all the information you need to share with your invitees. Available across a series of styles and sizes, with some even including various add-ons (such as a pocket flap – making it a pocket wedding invitation that can house wedding invitation accessories), folded DIY cards are really convenient has you can easily fit all the accessories neatly together before putting them into the wedding invitation envelope.  You also have the option of choosing passport styled foil DIY wedding invitations too, with a beautiful foiled emblem on the front (such as palm tree, a hibiscus flower or even a turtle).

Other items available to you to match your foil DIY wedding invitations include Envelope Seals & Stickers, Envelope Liners, and Tags that are foiled in gold or silver depending on your colour scheme choice.