Embossed Papers for DIY Wedding Invitations

When you are brainstorming ideas for your handmade wedding, one of the first things on your wedding planning to do list would be your DIY wedding invitations. It’s such a great feeling to know that by being a DIY bride, you get to embed a piece of yourself into the most important day of your life. By choosing to DIY your wedding invitations, stationery, even the save the dates and engagement invitations, you’ll be saving a ton of money, but you need to also consider the time that you will be spending on them too.

That’s why at DIY Invitations, not only do we cater to the cost-conscious DIY bride, but also the time-conscious ones too, because, let’s face it, ‘time is money’, and time spent on making your wedding come together beautifully within your budget and enough resources for you to relax is ‘time well spent’. Let’s look at how DIY Invitations can help you in this regard with its offer of printable DIY wedding invitation & stationery templates and the use of speciality wedding paper (such as embossed papers).

DIY Invitations Embossed Paper

There are many styles of DIY wedding invitations methods for you to choose, whether you are starting off with the essential materials being card stock, pens, scissors, wedding speciality paper and more, or choosing from a range of printable DIY templates to later add on various embellishments, speciality wedding paper and more.

Options are many and which one you choose depends on your resources, budget and time. The first option allows you to be the master of your process, through trial & error; you may find the perfect look for you. However it’s always best to make samples, and be your critic (or even employ the help of close friends and family to do it for you), and pick the best look for you, so you don’t end up wasting your resources. The second option would be to opt for printable templates, and make samples of those too, and include your choices of style, embellishment and beautiful embossed papers.

DIY Invitations Embossed Papers Layered Wedding Invitations

Take a pick from the beautiful embossed paper that will make your DIY wedding invitations truly exquisite. These are hand crafted in India on pearlescent paper that accentuates the look of the embossed design and colour of the card/paper stock. Inspired from flowers, pebbles, feathers, and nature’s bounty, these wedding papers for your DIY wedding invites are available in shades of quartz, white, ivory, champagne, bronze, white gold, crystal, baby pink, gold, baby blue, mink, onyx, silver, grey blue & cream to name a few.

Make your DIY wedding invitations truly spectacular and a breeze by opting to purchase the convenient and affordable DIY printable invitation templates and adding to the look with accents of embossed paper and embellishments.