Cool Ways to Upgrade on Your DIY Wedding Invitations

Right, you’ve made up your mind, and more importantly your budget. You’re geared up and ready to be a DIY Bride! Well, congratulations are in order for two reasons; one for getting engaged and two, for deciding to be unique and personal with your wedding day. The first step most brides take when on the DIY wedding route would be with DIY wedding invitations, accessories and other stationery. But to stay on track and be unique & personal, you’ll need to think out of the box! You know you can do it! Hone in on all that creative energy and grab at the ideas floating up in your noggin.

DIY Invitations with Embellishments & Appliqués

One of the most elegant ways you can enhance the look of your DIY wedding invitations would be with buckles, brooches, ribbons and more. If you’ve used speciality paper to create a layered design then, you’ve already added a sense of oomph onto the ensemble. Using ribbons, whether made from paper or cloth, they are a great way to complement your look, especially when there are seams between your paper or card stock and the speciality paper. Adding a buckle to slide on the ribbon, or even a brooch or cluster can be the perfect finishing touch to the DIY wedding invitation look.

Whilst some use ribbons, you can also use belly bands to round up your invitations package, and this can be accessorised with a brooch or cluster too. Do up a couple of drafts and ask your family and close friends (possibly those from your bridal party) for their feedback in helping you pick out the perfect design for your  DIY wedding invitations.

DIY Invitations Victorian Cluster

DIY Invitations with Organic Materials & Accessories

Apart from the traditional paper materials and embellishments, you can turn to Mother Nature’s little gifts. Whilst you use paper and card stock for the base of your DIY wedding invitations, you can accessorise the look with natural materials that you would find laying around. These can be anything from seeds, leaf skeletons, dried flowers and petals (they can either be pressed flowers or you could create new paper with flowers included in the pulp before flattening and drying). The leaf skeletons style is quite intricate, as you are able to see all the little lines, and would look spectacular if you added a metallic touch with gold or silver paint.

DIY Invitations My Valentine Lace Square Design04

There are great new ways to upgrade your DIY wedding invitations atop your paper or card stock. Stay tuned for more ideas and trends