Ribbons for You DIY Wedding Invitations, Stationery & Accessories

Doing up something different for your big day is something every bride (and even the groom) wants to do, to wow their guests and invitees and make sure that their wedding is one that they will remember for years to come. With DIY wedding invitations, you can do just that and more! The paper/card stock or kits you purchase can be of any shape, size and fold too, depending on your preference and style, to which you can add DIY accents to make them memorable and stand out.

Most people instantly think of embellishments, such as clusters, brooches, and diamante buckles and buttons, but, what about ribbons? The easiest way to add a ribbon to your DIY wedding invitation would be to loop it through a buckle and place it on the front, right? Or even to act as a sash across the front, or maybe even as a band to hold your DIY wedding invitations package in place? Am I right? Well, there are more ways to add a little bit of memorable excitement to the look with ribbons. Let’s find out, shall we?

One thing to remember is that, depending on the type of style you want to use and the sizing of the ribbon artwork you desire, you will need to figure out the ribbon width on your own. Therefore, consider the size and area of where you will be placing your ribbon and craft before you start.

DIY Invitations for Weddings with Ribbons in an Invitation Box

Flower Ribbons with DIY Wedding Stationery

Making DIY flowers using ribbons is pretty straightforward right? There are so many easy ways of using ribbon to make flowers. There are ones where you use the ribbon pleating or ruching together to make one 360 degree petal flower, also known as the pleated rosette. Then there’s the other option of folding equal sized thing ribbons onto the centre to make a flower with petals. However, consider advanced ribbon flowers, which include the likes of the folded roses, taffeta rose, and the sheer full flower. These require some finesse but the end result is truly beautiful. Due to the height of these creations, it’s also a good idea for you to consider using an invitation box so that your guests will receive it in its true beauty.

Advanced Ribbon Crafts

Another way of adding some excitement to your DIY wedding invites via ribbons would be to weave them into a shape either using one, two or more colours. These are the flat woven ribbons, but consider a more advanced approach by braiding them, or even making ribbon art such as animal sculptures, especially such as ribbon birds to adorn your DIY invitation design. You can also opt to use quilling techniques to get the desired look, provided you use thin ribbons to make it with.

With all the above examples and techniques, you can also just opt to go fancy with ribbon bows tied in different ways to appeal to you entire DIY wedding invitation ensemble. Find out fun new ways of using ribbons with your DIY creations and share them with us!