A wedding invitation is a number of things, but mostly, it represents the joyous union between the bride and the groom to be. For them, it is important how their first entree into the matrimony is presented. Your wedding invitations need to be well thought out, especially when you are opting for DIY wedding invitations. We have compiled some advice and well as tips to ensure that your vision comes to life. Everyone knows that words make the difference, so we are going to focus on how you convey your message in a beautiful way, which is perfect for your personalities.

DreamDay Invitations Outside Monogram Square Horizontal Pocket DIY Wedding Invitation in Black

The Basis of the Visual and Design Concept

It is always important to have a vision or even a visual or design concept for your wedding invitations. Sometimes, some of us opt to sketch it out before you go about looking for the one that best matches it, or we have them handmade, or we make them ourselves, the point of a DIY wedding invitations itself. Keep in mind that when deciding on the font for your wedding invites, that there are some predefined preferences in the industry, which carries an elegant look for your invites. These are usually curvy and stylish, where the typefaces are cursive or even serif. You rarely see san-serif fonts, and cartoon like fonts; unless that is the theme, you are going for. Choose your look carefully, try out a few samples, and put them side-by-side for an evaluation.

The Mood and Visual Aesthetics

There are various types of fonts, and are characterised by various factors such as the stroke weight, the width, slope which in turn refers to the types of scripts, serifs, which are divided into san-serif and serif, as well as cursive. You need to decide which font best suit the design you have in mind. If you were going for a modern look, san-serif would be apt, while if there were ornate or floral designs, then cursive would be the best choice. This also reflects the theme and mood, such as whether you are going for a romantic and warm look as opposed to something else.

Legibility and Readability of the Type Category

Being able to read the font clearly is very important when deciding on how best to convey your message in a beautiful manner, so make sure to try out the fonts you love and see whether the invitation wording and other information you are including are legible and readable.

DreamDay Invitations Wedding Invitation Wording and Font in Square DIY Wedding Invitation in Taupe

Tips for Choosing a Font for Your Wedding Invite Design

  • Try out different options of fonts and types and put them side-by-side to differentiate and assess
  • Ensure that though the font looks beautiful, that it is also readable/legible
  • Select the font sizing appropriately, depending on what you want to emphasize. Try out a few possibilities before you decide
  • If you have chosen several fonts to be used on the same invite card, ensure that they blend or gel together.
  • Ask for somebody else’s opinion too