What’s your style aesthetic like? Is it classic and traditional, modern and elegant, or rustic and charming? Whatever it maybe, you probably have a zillion blueprint ideas for your DIY wedding invitations & stationery. All you need is the bare bones of the vision because the rest can be built upon it with wonderful (and matching) design elements so that it all looks cohesive and beautiful. With the help of speciality wedding paper, embellishments, add-ons, trims and other convenient accessories such as magnets, envelope liners & seals you will be soon on your way to completely amazing DIY wedding invitation that started as a simple idea.

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The first place you start is at the start line, right? It’s ready, steady, set and GO! But it’s important you have all that you need within easy access, else it gets a little complicated and tiresome. So when you start off, why not start with some sketches of the designs you are inspired by. Draw them out, compare them, ask an opinion or two, and then select a few that captures your eye. From there, you need to also consider things like the shape of the card, how it opens and whether it goes in line with the designs you have drafted, and not to mention the colour schema and possibly even a pattern or design style that you are rather akin to.

If you have envisioned lines separating one area of your card to another, why not form a contrast by using speciality wedding paper on one of them. There are many lovely designs you can select, being made and styled using various techniques. They include embossed, flocked, screen printed, foiled, glittered and thermography papers, each holding a unique look and feel, that can easily transform your DIY wedding invitation into something wonderful. Sure, you can opt for a card stock or paper stock based invitation card alone, with text either printed or handwritten (you could even hire a calligrapher), but when you add these special add-ons to create depth and personality, it does stand out and is instantly elegant; the trick is to create balance.

Another way to add some splendour is to add an embellishment to bring it full circle. Sometimes it’s a good idea to cover the seam of the two layers (when the speciality wedding paper is used with the base of the DIY wedding invitations) with a trim such as ribbon or lace, and atop it to attach either a brooch or buckle depending on the trim you’ve selected.

DIY Invitations | www.diyinvitations.com.au | DIY Wedding Invitations with Speciality Wedding Paper & Embellishments

There are many ways in which you can enhance the look of your DIY wedding invitations. Stay tuned in to our blog to find out more ways that you can too!