Lace has always been a great source of beauty when it comes to adding it to fashion pieces, because your ensemble instantly becomes romantic with a hint of lace. Lace is definitely a favourite when it comes to wedding dresses, and if your dress will have lace used on it, you can focus your entire wedding around your beautiful lace accented wedding dress and theme everything, including your wedding invitations after it.

You have two options when it comes to lace designs and wedding invitations, where you can use those available at the invitations retailers, or you can make it personal with DIY wedding invitations. Now, when it comes to DIY wedding invitations you can find a design of the lace that you are going to use that is closest or identical to the lace used on the wedding dress.

1. Lace as a Design Element: If you are opting to use lace as a design element for your DIY wedding invitations, then the options you have before you are plenty. However, let us say you are using strips of lace as opposed to cut pieces or sheets. In such a scenario, there are many positions you can place the strips, be it as a focal element or even as borders. If you are using cut pieces, such as circle, square, or triangle, then you could include it in the centre and then add a similar shape of paper to add some text, such as the wedding date. For sheets of lace, it can be used as the background design to what the information will include and act as an aesthetic element.

2. Pocket Wedding Invitations: If you are going with pocket wedding invitations, you could use a large strip of lace to act as the area that encircles the area with the wedding invitation wording.

3. Using Lace Designs Punchers to Create Beautiful Edges: You can create beautiful edges if you opt to use lace design punchers that leave you with great designs that mimic the lace of your inspiration.

4. Hardy Envelopes: Using paper that has lace designs etched into it are great, or if they have been cut out or even punched out. These can act as the envelope itself, or you can use lace in the inserts, which are posted when you open the envelope of the wedding invite.

5. Using Lace as a Stencil and Spray Paint the Design onto the Card: If you love the design of the lace, then you can transfer it onto your DIY wedding invitation, but using the lace as a stencil and then using spray paint to get the design onto the card stock.