In a world where arts & crafts play a big role in families and homes alike, weddings are also taking a whirl of the DIY trend. That is why more and more brides are taking to their inner creativity for a DIY wedding. Find out how you can be creative to come up with DIY wedding invitations using the likes of watercolours, stamps and stencils.

When it comes to these three main materials that can be used for DIY wedding invitations, the initial thing you have to do is figure out a colour or a colour theme, or even a style theme for that matter, to jump start you in the right direction.  Once that is done, and you know what you want to do, you need to acquire the base for your creation, which would be the DIY wedding invitation paper or even DIY wedding invitation kits.

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Stamps, (by stamps I mean the ones which are associated with Stampin’), offers various illustrations already etched into rubber or wood that only requires some ink to convert the object on the paper, and presto, you have yourself a beautiful illustration on your DIY wedding invite. Most couples opt for this type of tool when they want something intricate that cannot easily be drawn by hand in bulk. However, that does not mean you cannot use it for larger more simple designs as well. The use of such stamps saves you the times of replicating your illustration and gives you a more natural feel as opposed to having it printed, as it looks more authentic. With such as DIY tool you can also use various methods of colouring them too, from coloured pencils and pens, to crayons and watercolours too.

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Stencils on the other hand, though similar to stamps, they are best used for creating patterns and coloured using the same options too. Stencils are great when you have to keep it neat, tidy and precise. This way you are assured that a certain design is replicated throughout the wedding invitation pack.

When it comes to watercolours, though it can be used with stamps and stencils both, watercolours can be used on its own, because the picture you draw can be done in a way that you wish. Its best to opt for this if you are an artist, because getting the same illustration right every single time can be quite difficult, and that is why stencils and stamps were introduced, to make life and wedding tasks easier. Therefore, find out which method suits you best and go with it. Carry out some samples and then choose which one proves to be the easiest and the best looking, and then you will have your DIY wedding invitation winner.