Planning a wedding is fun, but when you have complete artistic direction over your wedding, now it’s a whole different ball game. It’s not just going to be fun because when you get your family and friends involved in the process it’s going to be a ball. DIY wedding invitations, wedding stationery, decor, fun wedding activities, there is so much you can do it make a beautiful handmade wedding come alive. Let’s find out some great popular ideas for you to try out for your DIY wedding.

The first place you should start would be to think up a great wedding theme with lots of handmade touches, unique accents and definitely something new for your invitees and guests to appreciate. You can start off with your DIY wedding invitations and the accompanying invitation accessories, use the same colour or style design in the rest of your wedding using exact or similar designs with the stationery, decor and more.

DIY Wedding Invitations, DIY Invitations Boxes and Embellishments

With the wedding invitations, you are offered various types of options across shapes, colours, textures (and speciality paper), envelope styles, hardcover designs, to the way they fold. You are also offered the option of choosing whether to start from the wedding paper itself, to choosing blank folded cards (of different varieties), to ones that are DIY wedding invitation templates (that are delivered to you with the wedding invitations and even guest information printed so that all you need to do is add your unique accents and send them off). One thing you can do to accentuate your DIY wedding invitations package or envelope would be to add a DIY envelope liner for that added pop as your invitees open it up, or even a personalised envelope seal. The rest of your DIY wedding stationery can also take after the same look you have devised for your DIY wedding invitation for your theme to flow.

DIY Invitations Envelope Liners Customisations for DIY Wedding Invitations

Other ways you can add to your wedding’s look by opting to DIY would be to work on what will be included on the wedding day itself, such as the wedding stationery we just talked about being a lot like the invitations, to the various decor elements and not to mention the bombonieres. Presentation is important and the same applies here. What about DIY paper wedding bombonieres or even clear wedding bomboniere boxes that can be assembled easily so that your guests can see the wonder within. These are ways you can really add to your wedding theme and make it all stand out.

Stay tuned in to our blog for more insight into how your DIY wedding can be made extra special!