Embellishing Styles and Inspirations for your DIY Wedding Invites

Looking for new and exciting looks to do up your wedding in a way that will awe your wedding invitees? You can make a great impression when you send them DIY wedding invitations, featuring embellished styles and looks using textured/specialty paper, lace, diamante/pearl buckle or cluster embellishments, and more.

We have selected a few styles that are trendy, appealing, and easy to DIY. The way you present the look is as important as the look of your DIY wedding invites. You may find the following areas helpful in making sure that the look of the invite cards complements the package and vice versa. It’s all about the first impression.

DIY Invitations Australia Lace Wedding Invitations

Lace:  Feminine and delicate, lace can definitely enhance the look of any item that it’s used on. When it comes to using it as an embellishment for your DIY invites, you can either use it as an all over design that envelopes the front facing of your card, using trim appliqués or with a lace ribbon to wrap around the card (possibly accompanied by a satin ribbon and a cluster/buckle embellishment).

Embellished Buckles, Brooches & Clusters: If you have already decided that you would very much like to include a faux diamante or pearl embellishment into your wedding invite card, then we need not persuade you. However, in case you’re undecided there are many great ways to further enhance the look of your DIY wedding invites to make them dazzle and shine.

Paper Crepe Rosettes: With a few materials and a touch of creativity, these paper rosette styles can really bring about a beautiful look to your DIY card.  You can opt to make them large or tiny, and even use a pearl cluster or bead embellishment in the centre to really make it pop.​

Quilling: A creative technique ideal for the advanced DIY-ers with lots of patience in hand. With the use of thing strips of paper, the proper tools to aid you and lots of glue, you can make beautiful designs come alive. This DIY technique is ideal for beautiful handcrafted keepsake DIY wedding invitations.

Packaging: The way you present your DIY wedding invitations is as important as what is included. Consider adding a pop to your wedding invite envelopes, whether it’s with an envelope liner, matching printed envelope designs, adding envelope seals, and even using wax seals like in the olden days. Another way would be to go down the luxury route with a sophisticated package using tissue inserts/wraps for the invite card placed within a DIY invitation box.

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Getting the most of your Budget for a DIY Wedding, Invitations & Stationery

Choosing to have a DIY wedding could be due to a number of reasons. One would be that the bride (and even the groom) would very much like to do certain wedding tasks themselves or add their own personality to various details such as the DIY wedding invitations and stationery which is the easiest and first way to add value to a DIY wedding. Another reason would be because of a tight budget and you need to make the most of it while not forgoing on the look or quality you have envisioned for the day that brings two souls in love together.

DIY Invitations Printable Templates Layered Designs Specialty Card Stock Ribbon Embellishments

With DIY Invitations, there are many products you can use to create a beautiful suite of DIY wedding invitations & accessories, on-the-day wedding stationery as well as table stationery accessories too. You are given the option of starting from scratch with cardstock and/or specialty wedding paper to using pre-cut shaped cards and also having the same pre-cut shaped cards printed with the online templates that can be personalised to create unique DIY wedding invitations, stationery and accessories. Sounds simple enough, right? That is because it IS!

We’ve put together a few steps that you can consider when sitting down to plan, decide and execute your DIY wedding stationery items.

  1. Know Your Wedding Look – You need to have a basic idea of what you would like your DIY wedding style to be. Will it be classy and elegant, charming and rustic, modern and fun, or a completely unique wedding theme altogether? What colours will you choose, what special designs are you looking forward to featuring, this can mean anything from monograms, motifs, textures, illustrations and even photographs included with the likes of your DIY wedding invitations, wedding stationery for the day of, and also the thank you card afterwards. These are things you and your fiancé need to decide before you move to the next step.
  2. Set a Budget – This is key if you are concerned about how much you spend on your wedding stationery items, and it’ll be easier to follow when you put a figure to it.  When you’re planning on a DIY wedding, you will need a deciding factor on various things and a budget will help weigh the scales.
  3. Samples & Mock-Ups –One of the best ways to figure out which design works best for you would be with the likes of samples (to see what the products you are hoping to use look like) and mock-up samples (to see what the DIY stationery products will look like when they have been set-up and executed to look like the real thing – DIY wedding invitations, reply cards, order of service cards, etc).  It’ll help you make a decision that is often backed by the budget and how best it complements the other accompanying stationery without committing and spending on the bulk of the DIY stationery beforehand.
  4. Order your DIY Wedding Invitations, Stationery & Accessories – Once you have figured out the details, you have selected the looks for them and you have mock-ups that you are happy with as your go-to sample (for inspiration, quality check and proofing), then you can order your DIY wedding items in bulk and have them shipped to you. Whichever package you have bought, be it only the basic products, the pre-cut shapes, or the printable templates, you’ll be able to have them assembled in no time as you have already put together the mock-ups beforehand.

DIY Invitations Products Specialty Wedding Paper, Card Stock, Embellishment Brooch

It’s always amazing to see something beautiful come together and when putting a DIY wedding together, it’s quite fulfilling to see the outcome of something you and your merry band of DIY helpers have put together. DIY weddings are fun and unique and extremely memorable. Make your wedding day one too with DIY Invitations!

Easy DIY Tips for Wedding Stationery and Invitations

More and more brides are getting more and more involved in wedding planning, right down to the making wedding items and elements themselves, such as DIY wedding invitations and stationery to the wedding decor. However, at the time of the wedding, the decor needs to be handled by somebody else, but the wedding stationery and invitations can be sorted out way in advance, and therefore is a convenient choice to DIY when it comes to their wedding.

You have the option of going with both DIY Wedding Invitations and Stationery Kits or to start from scratch with DIY wedding paper, trims, embellishments and more. Depending on which choice you opt for, the next stage is done accordingly. Let’s look at both options.

DIY Wedding Invitations and Stationery Kits

When choosing this option, you need to have a theme or vision in mind to make sure that you do not purchase the kits and then later change your mind. Therefore, sketch it out and then look for the type of kits that match your criteria. Whether it’s shape, sizing or the way it is styled or folds, there are many things to look at, not forgetting colour, of course.

The next stage would be to opt for printing or to do it on your own. Some of the best wedding invitations retailers allow you to customise your DIY wedding invitations kits from the start, just by giving them the guest list and they will print it for you and have it delivered. If you opt of out this option, then you can go with a calligrapher, or if you have beautiful handwriting, then you can go ahead and do it yourself. However, if you are going to have the wedding invitation wording printed separately, then that item can be left as the final touch, which then needs to be attached to the wedding invite creation. You may opt to add ribbons, floral embellishments, studs, buckles and so more for that added glam.

Start from Scratch with DIY Wedding Invitations and Stationery

If you are doing the wedding invitations and stationery from scratch, you will need tools and materials. Here are some items you will need, and it is always best when you have a vision and theme before starting and even buying the materials in question.

  • Paper (either regular, shimmer or recycled paper – 200-250gsm)
  • Cutter and Cutting Tool
  • Scissors
  • Paper Punches
  • Rubber Stamps & Inkpads
  • Watercolour Paint and Brushes
  • Adhesive & Glue
  • Embellishments
    • Bows (card variety, organza, ribbon, satin, etc)
    • Buckles
    • Diamante Gems
    • Flowers
    • Ribbons
    • Jewel Sprays
    • Calligraphy Pens
    • Envelopes

With these tools and materials, you can set about making the vision of your DIY wedding invite and stationery come alive. Make sure to be careful when using these tools, especially the cutters and scissors to not hurt yourself, and enjoy creating your masterpiece. Always create a sample beforehand to make sure you know what you want and you can see the intended result so that all your DIY wedding invites and stationery maintain the same standard.

Ways to Add Colour to Your DIY Wedding Invitations

A blank canvas is what we always start with, whether it is a painting or a wedding, or even the wedding invites. That is why many couples to be wed opt for DIY wedding invitation kits so that they can make their own masterpiece to represent the happiest day of their lives.

A DIY wedding invitation kit lets you figure out what your end result would be from the get-go. You can do up some samples and compare them at first before you set your mind to it, and even ask your closest friends and family for their opinion before committing to your choice of design and creation as your wedding invitation.

The first step is to decide on the base colour that you want your DIY wedding invites in. You could take the easy route and choose either white or a neutral hue because you can never go wrong. If you are not sure of what you want, order a few samples in advance and try then out with the other accompanying materials you have acquired to add colour and ‘oomph’ to the wedding invite ensemble. You can add that special touch with the help of the following.

DIY Invitations Lace DIY Wedding Invitations Embellishments and Designs

Ribbons & Lace: Ribbons and lace would be easiest way to add pops of colours onto your DIY wedding creation. Not just using it, but the way you use it makes a difference. You can pair a few different colours together, or even weave them into a design.

Watercolour Paint: Watercolour paint creations are beautiful, because not only are you adding your own personal touch, but also the colour from watercolours leaves a beautiful texture when completed.

Dyeing and Paper Texturing: A great way to add a twist to your DIY wedding invite paper would be to add colouring, in terms of dyeing, which can be done using watercolour itself, or even applying a coat of watercolour paint using a sponge or cloth.

Stamps: Stamps are great ways to add a professional looking finish with flowing and intricate designs to your wedding invite. Choose designs that go well together, or overlap in different colours to bring life into the wedding card.

Stencils: Stencils are also great ways in which you can acquire great and intricate designs, where all you need to do is colour over a stencil, and presto, you have yourself beautiful look.

Stitching: Some brides opt to add a bit of stitching for a homely feel. If your wedding is a casual one, or you have a notebook or cross-stitch theme going on, this would be ideal.

Embellishments & Accessories: Adding buckles or little diamante brooches in varying colours depending on your theme would be ideal for bursts of colour in the right amounts.

Envelope Liners: Another way of adding colour to your DIY wedding invitations is to add a great DIY envelope liner that surprises your guests as they open it. It can be anything from a design, pattern to even photographs.

DIY Invitations Watercolour Designs Inspired by DreamDay Invitations

DIY Wedding Envelope Liners

Are you planning a truly exciting day for what many refer to as the ‘Happiest Day of their Lives’? Well, that’s great, especially if you are a handy DIY Bride. There are many ways that you can inject fun into your wedding day; one such way is by creating excitement leading up to the day with your DIY wedding invitations. Creating something fun is easy especially with the help of the DIY Invitations store. Enlist the help of DIY wedding envelope liners to add a little wow factor to your DIY wedding invitations. Find everything you might need for to add a little magic to your DIY wedding invitations and stationery for your handmade Australian wedding!

DIY Invitations Envelope Liners for DIY Wedding Invitation Envelopes

Types of DIY Wedding Invitations Envelope Liners

Envelope liners give your wedding invitees a bit of a pleasant surprise as they open up the envelope to take a glimpse of the contents within. If you have selected a wedding theme already and if it revolves around a colour and pattern, the best possible thing you should or could do is use the chosen colours or pattern and use it in your DIY wedding envelope liners. The DIY Invitations wedding envelope liners fit into the 150mm square envelope perfectly.

However, that’s not all that’s available; you get the added bonus of also including the Bride and Groom’s names onto the liner, even a one-liner or personalised message. You can also include instructions for the designers at DIY Invitations so that you get a personalised DIY wedding invitation envelope via the online system provided by DIY Invitations. Isn’t that great?

The variety of DIY wedding envelope liners are many from solid colours to patterns such as damask, swirls and stripes, as well as finishes such as foiled in metallic gold. Take a pick of what is available, and match it as best as you can with your DIY wedding invitations creations. These DIY wedding envelope liners are delivered to you as part of a flat pack, where you can use either double-sided tape or a thin line of glue to fix the liner onto the inner flap sleeve of the DIY wedding invitation envelope.

DIY Invitations Envelope Liners for DIY Wedding Invitations Envelopes Flat Pack Assembly

Accessories for DIY Wedding Invitations Envelopes

Apart from the pop that DIY wedding envelope liners give, you can also add to it with the help of accessories such as envelope stickers and seals. Personalise them to match the look of your DIY wedding invitation in terms of colour and font face, and include the names of the couple, a monogram or even a short message.

DIY Engagement Invitations

Did he pop the ultimate questions? Did you squeal in delight with a resounding “YES“! It’s time to let everyone know, isn’t it? You can throw a lovely engagement party! Invite your loved ones and close friends or even the people you are planning to invite for the wedding via some beautifully done up DIY engagement invitations. How does that sound?

If you are wondering, how the DIY Invitations online store can help you with your DIY engagement invitations, we have some wonderful news.  With two ways you can go about it, it’s quite easy and not to mention affordable. One would be doing it from scratch whilst the other would be to use the printable templates to come up with great DIY engagement invitations to celebrate the proposal and this great occasion of two unions taking the first step to spending the  rest of their lives together and a happily ever after. Let’s get to it, shall we?

DreamDay Invitations Layered Flocked Monarch's Pride White on Pearl Square Hardcover Invitation in Regal

Materials for Your DIY Engagement Invitations

At DIY Invitations, you’ll find that you can purchase items for your DIY engagement invitations without a hitch. What you’ll need would be some paper and card stock that’s easily available on the online DIY invitations store along with speciality paper too if you are looking to add a bit of glamour onto the DIY engagement invitations, as well as embellishments and not forgetting the envelopes to send the invitations in.

Apart from these, you may need a pencil, colour pens, watercolours and other materials to bring colour into the design, a scissor or guillotine cutter, and not forgetting other creative materials that you can use to accessorise the look. These items will depend on your creative genius. Some creative DIY brides have used pressed dried flowers and leaf skeletons, to seeds and eco-friendly items.

DreamDay Invitations Layered Iconic Love Square Hardcover Invitation in Black

DIY Printable Engagement Invitation Templates

If you don’t have enough time to do your DIY engagement invitations from scratch but would love to add your own personal brand of magic with an affordable price tag, then opt for DIY printable engagement invitation templates. What it’s all about is you are able to get your personalised engagement invitation wording printed onto the DIY engagement invitations without a hitch as per the template you have chosen with your pick of text placement and colour selection. It’s really quite easy, because they’ll be delivered to your address as flat pack DIY engagement invitations and all you’ll need to do then is to add the design touches, be it with pencils, watercolours or any creative method you have set your heart on.