How to choose the perfect wedding invitation for the season

Wedding planning can really take a lot of your time from picking out a theme, to selecting the right dress, sorting out the floral décor and settling on a wedding invitation design.

There are endless options in wedding invitation designs, and there literally thousands of designs in the market right now.  You will always need to settle for a unique design that will not only catch everyone’s eye – but will also pair elegantly with your wedding theme.

When it comes to seasonal weddings, we think pairing your invitations to suit the season is a very safe move. You can’t really have a summer wedding in winter can you? Although the other way around is possible, we wanted to narrow down how to choose the right invitation for the season.


Winter wedding invitations should have a classic, elegant style. From white backgrounds to silver foils – the designs are endless. Keep your invitation simple and elegant and try not to clutter it with too many accessories. A simple embellishment will be perfect.

Winter Wedding themed invitations

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Although spring is still a few months away, you can start planning a wonderful spring wedding. Invitations with warm hues such as pale yellow, peachy pink or mint green and purplish pastels will highlight your stationary and inspire a beautiful theme.

Image of Spring Themed Wedding Invites

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You can’t help falling in love with autumn- and what is better than incorporating it into your wedding? You can easily pair the autumn colors such as warm brown, dull gold, deep orange and spicy red- onto your wedding invitations and floral décor. These classic autumn hues are perfect and we recommend you have a look simple embellishments to suit a simple rustic invitation.

Image of Autum Themed Wedding Invitation

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Ideas on how to pair your bouquet with your wedding invitation

There is a quote that states you can say it with flowers. We think you should too! Stunning blooms that pair well with your theme and stationary brings out the personality at your wedding.

Selecting the right bouquets for you and your bridesmaids can be a daunting task. You wouldn’t often select a certain type of flower and soon to realize that it doesn’t pair well with your theme and stationary.

We have listed down simple ideas that will make it easier to pair your floral masterpieces with your beautiful stationary.


Your theme is somewhat in the zone of romance – just like all weddings. Pair your invitations with classic colored roses like pink, maroon, and white. The embellishments are best aligned with a dull gold or silver. For ideas on how to pair embellishments on to your stationary – you have a look at our accessories here.


Rustic wedding themes are very popular amongst millennial brides. The bouquets are best paired with rustic stationary that gives an elegant, yet simple outlook. Roses, carnations, orchids and chrysanthemums make beautiful bouquets when wrapped together. The best colors that suit this theme would be peach, purple, off- white and beige, while the stationary and accessories can be aligned with dull gold or white tones.


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Destination weddings are still popular amongst Australian brides. We can’t really blame them! Who wouldn’t love to celebrate along the stretch of a beautiful beach? Popular beach wedding bouquets are most often designed with calla lilies, blush peonies , white garden roses and astrantia. It is best to keep the flowers simple with a classic white tone and the stationary should be designed to suit the destination or venue.

Image of beach themed Invitation  and Bouquet

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Winter weddings are considered elegant and classic for many reasons. Some opt for the classic “ winter look” even during spring and autumn – just to have explore the beauty of a winter wedding. Most often bouquets are designed with white flowers such as roses. Orchids and chrysanthemums with a touch of blue and silver dust. Wedding invitations are also designed with great care to suit the astonishing bouquets and theme.

Image of Winter themed wedding invitation

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Embellishing Styles and Inspirations for your DIY Wedding Invites

Looking for new and exciting looks to do up your wedding in a way that will awe your wedding invitees? You can make a great impression when you send them DIY wedding invitations, featuring embellished styles and looks using textured/specialty paper, lace, diamante/pearl buckle or cluster embellishments, and more.

We have selected a few styles that are trendy, appealing, and easy to DIY. The way you present the look is as important as the look of your DIY wedding invites. You may find the following areas helpful in making sure that the look of the invite cards complements the package and vice versa. It’s all about the first impression.

DIY Invitations Australia Lace Wedding Invitations

Lace:  Feminine and delicate, lace can definitely enhance the look of any item that it’s used on. When it comes to using it as an embellishment for your DIY invites, you can either use it as an all over design that envelopes the front facing of your card, using trim appliqués or with a lace ribbon to wrap around the card (possibly accompanied by a satin ribbon and a cluster/buckle embellishment).

Embellished Buckles, Brooches & Clusters: If you have already decided that you would very much like to include a faux diamante or pearl embellishment into your wedding invite card, then we need not persuade you. However, in case you’re undecided there are many great ways to further enhance the look of your DIY wedding invites to make them dazzle and shine.

Paper Crepe Rosettes: With a few materials and a touch of creativity, these paper rosette styles can really bring about a beautiful look to your DIY card.  You can opt to make them large or tiny, and even use a pearl cluster or bead embellishment in the centre to really make it pop.​

Quilling: A creative technique ideal for the advanced DIY-ers with lots of patience in hand. With the use of thing strips of paper, the proper tools to aid you and lots of glue, you can make beautiful designs come alive. This DIY technique is ideal for beautiful handcrafted keepsake DIY wedding invitations.

Packaging: The way you present your DIY wedding invitations is as important as what is included. Consider adding a pop to your wedding invite envelopes, whether it’s with an envelope liner, matching printed envelope designs, adding envelope seals, and even using wax seals like in the olden days. Another way would be to go down the luxury route with a sophisticated package using tissue inserts/wraps for the invite card placed within a DIY invitation box.

DIY Invitations Australia | Invitation Boxes | Embellishments

Unique DIY Invitations for Weddings

Who doesn’t like to stand out unique from the rest, we all are different, unique and wonderful. It’s the little things that set us apart, and why shouldn’t we be proud of it. When you’re planning your wedding day, you might want to DIY it. With DIY wedding invitations to start with, you will be able to put together a beautiful work of art that will be the first item that will unveil your wedding day to your guests and invitees. The look of your DIY wedding invitations and how it is presented will make a huge impact on first impressions and how much excitement you rile up amongst your wedding invitees. We’ve put together a couple of steps to take to get your DIY wedding invitations designing underway and how you can finish it off in a beautiful and classy way.

DIY Invitations Australia Luxury Handmade Wedding Stationery Store

Step 1

First things first, when you’re ready to start on your DIY wedding stationery vision, you need to have an overall wedding vision in mind. This can include the colour scheme, the flowers you may want to use, the textures you’re looking at featuring in your the bridal attire to decorative items, and more. Once you have an idea on what you would like your wedding to be, sit down and start looking for inspiration for DIY wedding invitations, stationery and accessories you can use for your wedding, brainstorm ideas with your fiancé and then sketch out a few DIY wedding invite styles for the stationery items that will be used as invite accessories, ceremony stationery as well as those used for the reception, and more.

Step 2

Once you’ve got sketches of your drafts in hand, the next step would be to create a mock-up. A mock-up sample is something you can do yourself at home with whatever items you can find, and you can make them for each design you have sketched out. Once you have each DIY item laid out you can make an informed decision. Doing this will allow you to see for yourself the options available to you where you can even select which design is best for which stationery item, such as a hardcover DIY wedding invite with a satin ribbon clasped with a pearl cluster that can be placed inside a DIY wedding invitation box and then once more wrapped with a ribbon and labelled with a customised sticker/label which will include the guest name and address information. Imagine a beautifully presented wedding invitation box being handed to you. Wouldn’t you be just blown away? No one will believe you if you tell that you put it all together as a DIY wedding invite.

DIY Invitations Australia Satin Ribbon Faux Pearl Brooch Cluster Invitation Boxes

Getting the most of your Budget for a DIY Wedding, Invitations & Stationery

Choosing to have a DIY wedding could be due to a number of reasons. One would be that the bride (and even the groom) would very much like to do certain wedding tasks themselves or add their own personality to various details such as the DIY wedding invitations and stationery which is the easiest and first way to add value to a DIY wedding. Another reason would be because of a tight budget and you need to make the most of it while not forgoing on the look or quality you have envisioned for the day that brings two souls in love together.

DIY Invitations Printable Templates Layered Designs Specialty Card Stock Ribbon Embellishments

With DIY Invitations, there are many products you can use to create a beautiful suite of DIY wedding invitations & accessories, on-the-day wedding stationery as well as table stationery accessories too. You are given the option of starting from scratch with cardstock and/or specialty wedding paper to using pre-cut shaped cards and also having the same pre-cut shaped cards printed with the online templates that can be personalised to create unique DIY wedding invitations, stationery and accessories. Sounds simple enough, right? That is because it IS!

We’ve put together a few steps that you can consider when sitting down to plan, decide and execute your DIY wedding stationery items.

  1. Know Your Wedding Look – You need to have a basic idea of what you would like your DIY wedding style to be. Will it be classy and elegant, charming and rustic, modern and fun, or a completely unique wedding theme altogether? What colours will you choose, what special designs are you looking forward to featuring, this can mean anything from monograms, motifs, textures, illustrations and even photographs included with the likes of your DIY wedding invitations, wedding stationery for the day of, and also the thank you card afterwards. These are things you and your fiancé need to decide before you move to the next step.
  2. Set a Budget – This is key if you are concerned about how much you spend on your wedding stationery items, and it’ll be easier to follow when you put a figure to it.  When you’re planning on a DIY wedding, you will need a deciding factor on various things and a budget will help weigh the scales.
  3. Samples & Mock-Ups –One of the best ways to figure out which design works best for you would be with the likes of samples (to see what the products you are hoping to use look like) and mock-up samples (to see what the DIY stationery products will look like when they have been set-up and executed to look like the real thing – DIY wedding invitations, reply cards, order of service cards, etc).  It’ll help you make a decision that is often backed by the budget and how best it complements the other accompanying stationery without committing and spending on the bulk of the DIY stationery beforehand.
  4. Order your DIY Wedding Invitations, Stationery & Accessories – Once you have figured out the details, you have selected the looks for them and you have mock-ups that you are happy with as your go-to sample (for inspiration, quality check and proofing), then you can order your DIY wedding items in bulk and have them shipped to you. Whichever package you have bought, be it only the basic products, the pre-cut shapes, or the printable templates, you’ll be able to have them assembled in no time as you have already put together the mock-ups beforehand.

DIY Invitations Products Specialty Wedding Paper, Card Stock, Embellishment Brooch

It’s always amazing to see something beautiful come together and when putting a DIY wedding together, it’s quite fulfilling to see the outcome of something you and your merry band of DIY helpers have put together. DIY weddings are fun and unique and extremely memorable. Make your wedding day one too with DIY Invitations!

Luxurious Handmade Wedding Invitations

Daydreaming about the perfect wedding invitation – an elegant design with some glitz and glamour on the side? You can have yourself luxurious handmade wedding invitations with a little help from the DIY Invitations online shop. It has everything you’ll need to put together a beautiful handmade wedding invite to present to your guests that will be the talk of the town!

Here’s what you will need to get you started on your luxury DIY wedding invitations.

DIY Invitations Australia Inspiration Board Real Wedding Specialty Paper Starfish Embellishment

Customisable Printable Invitation Templates

With the help of pre-cut shapes as well as printable templates for you to use in  your DIY wedding invitations and other wedding stationery which includes invitation accessories,  on-the-day wedding stationery for the ceremony and reception, you’ll be able to create beautiful & luxurious wedding invitations and stationery.

You are given the choice of over 50 shapes for DIY wedding stationery (be it folded, flat, die-cut to envelope seals & sticker and tags) across 10 paper types and more. If you want to customise existing printable templates then you can by choosing from the 100 flat designs, 60 folded designs, 5 die-cut designs, and 15 odd wedding stationery accessories such as labels, envelope seals & stickers, tags, envelope liners, and much more. You can easily use the wedding invitations & stationery shapes or printable templates to act as the base of your luxurious DIY wedding invitations & stationery.

By personalising your wedding invitation wordings, you can easily add a professional look to your DIY wedding stationery as you can even include guests name to whichever stationery choice you want, whether it’s the wedding invite, reply card, order of service card, place cards or any other stationery item that you’d like to personalise.

DIY Invitations Australia Personalised Printable Wedding Invitations Stationery Templates Specialty Paper Embellishments

Specialty Wedding Paper

If you’re looking to add some beautiful textures, colour and glitz to your wedding invites and matching wedding stationery, then choose the specialty paper stock for your crafts. With the help of a various layering designs you can be inspired to create your own. Use a pair normal or specialty scissors or cutters/punches if you can get a hold of a few that goes in line with your design drafts. You can use a 4 layer design with the printable template as the base (in the case of a wedding invite) and add a specialty wedding paper layer (such as that of a pebbled bronze paper), another paper layer that matches the base of the invite and another specialty paper layer and to finish it off a monogram square inset with the wedding date, Doesn’t that paint a pretty picture?

 DIY Invitations Australia Layered Wedding Invitations Personalised Printable Templates Online Custom Invites Specialty Paper Pocket Flap

Apart from these you also can accompany it with ribbons, embellishments such as buckles or clusters to adding pearl or rhinestone accessories to highlight printed design, or even use glitter or embossing glue to add some texture and pizzazz to your luxury handmade wedding invitations. It’ll be the masterpiece for sure!