Choosing to have a DIY wedding could be due to a number of reasons. One would be that the bride (and even the groom) would very much like to do certain wedding tasks themselves or add their own personality to various details such as the DIY wedding invitations and stationery which is the easiest and first way to add value to a DIY wedding. Another reason would be because of a tight budget and you need to make the most of it while not forgoing on the look or quality you have envisioned for the day that brings two souls in love together.

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With DIY Invitations, there are many products you can use to create a beautiful suite of DIY wedding invitations & accessories, on-the-day wedding stationery as well as table stationery accessories too. You are given the option of starting from scratch with cardstock and/or specialty wedding paper to using pre-cut shaped cards and also having the same pre-cut shaped cards printed with the online templates that can be personalised to create unique DIY wedding invitations, stationery and accessories. Sounds simple enough, right? That is because it IS!

We’ve put together a few steps that you can consider when sitting down to plan, decide and execute your DIY wedding stationery items.

  1. Know Your Wedding Look – You need to have a basic idea of what you would like your DIY wedding style to be. Will it be classy and elegant, charming and rustic, modern and fun, or a completely unique wedding theme altogether? What colours will you choose, what special designs are you looking forward to featuring, this can mean anything from monograms, motifs, textures, illustrations and even photographs included with the likes of your DIY wedding invitations, wedding stationery for the day of, and also the thank you card afterwards. These are things you and your fiancé need to decide before you move to the next step.
  2. Set a Budget – This is key if you are concerned about how much you spend on your wedding stationery items, and it’ll be easier to follow when you put a figure to it.  When you’re planning on a DIY wedding, you will need a deciding factor on various things and a budget will help weigh the scales.
  3. Samples & Mock-Ups –One of the best ways to figure out which design works best for you would be with the likes of samples (to see what the products you are hoping to use look like) and mock-up samples (to see what the DIY stationery products will look like when they have been set-up and executed to look like the real thing – DIY wedding invitations, reply cards, order of service cards, etc).  It’ll help you make a decision that is often backed by the budget and how best it complements the other accompanying stationery without committing and spending on the bulk of the DIY stationery beforehand.
  4. Order your DIY Wedding Invitations, Stationery & Accessories – Once you have figured out the details, you have selected the looks for them and you have mock-ups that you are happy with as your go-to sample (for inspiration, quality check and proofing), then you can order your DIY wedding items in bulk and have them shipped to you. Whichever package you have bought, be it only the basic products, the pre-cut shapes, or the printable templates, you’ll be able to have them assembled in no time as you have already put together the mock-ups beforehand.

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It’s always amazing to see something beautiful come together and when putting a DIY wedding together, it’s quite fulfilling to see the outcome of something you and your merry band of DIY helpers have put together. DIY weddings are fun and unique and extremely memorable. Make your wedding day one too with DIY Invitations!