There is a quote that states you can say it with flowers. We think you should too! Stunning blooms that pair well with your theme and stationary brings out the personality at your wedding.

Selecting the right bouquets for you and your bridesmaids can be a daunting task. You wouldn’t often select a certain type of flower and soon to realize that it doesn’t pair well with your theme and stationary.

We have listed down simple ideas that will make it easier to pair your floral masterpieces with your beautiful stationary.


Your theme is somewhat in the zone of romance – just like all weddings. Pair your invitations with classic colored roses like pink, maroon, and white. The embellishments are best aligned with a dull gold or silver. For ideas on how to pair embellishments on to your stationary – you have a look at our accessories here.


Rustic wedding themes are very popular amongst millennial brides. The bouquets are best paired with rustic stationary that gives an elegant, yet simple outlook. Roses, carnations, orchids and chrysanthemums make beautiful bouquets when wrapped together. The best colors that suit this theme would be peach, purple, off- white and beige, while the stationary and accessories can be aligned with dull gold or white tones.


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Destination weddings are still popular amongst Australian brides. We can’t really blame them! Who wouldn’t love to celebrate along the stretch of a beautiful beach? Popular beach wedding bouquets are most often designed with calla lilies, blush peonies , white garden roses and astrantia. It is best to keep the flowers simple with a classic white tone and the stationary should be designed to suit the destination or venue.

Image of beach themed Invitation  and Bouquet

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Winter weddings are considered elegant and classic for many reasons. Some opt for the classic “ winter look” even during spring and autumn – just to have explore the beauty of a winter wedding. Most often bouquets are designed with white flowers such as roses. Orchids and chrysanthemums with a touch of blue and silver dust. Wedding invitations are also designed with great care to suit the astonishing bouquets and theme.

Image of Winter themed wedding invitation

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