Wedding planning can really take a lot of your time from picking out a theme, to selecting the right dress, sorting out the floral décor and settling on a wedding invitation design.

There are endless options in wedding invitation designs, and there literally thousands of designs in the market right now.  You will always need to settle for a unique design that will not only catch everyone’s eye – but will also pair elegantly with your wedding theme.

When it comes to seasonal weddings, we think pairing your invitations to suit the season is a very safe move. You can’t really have a summer wedding in winter can you? Although the other way around is possible, we wanted to narrow down how to choose the right invitation for the season.


Winter wedding invitations should have a classic, elegant style. From white backgrounds to silver foils – the designs are endless. Keep your invitation simple and elegant and try not to clutter it with too many accessories. A simple embellishment will be perfect.

Winter Wedding themed invitations

Image Courtesy: invitationstyles


Although spring is still a few months away, you can start planning a wonderful spring wedding. Invitations with warm hues such as pale yellow, peachy pink or mint green and purplish pastels will highlight your stationary and inspire a beautiful theme.

Image of Spring Themed Wedding Invites

Image Courtsey : Burnettboards


You can’t help falling in love with autumn- and what is better than incorporating it into your wedding? You can easily pair the autumn colors such as warm brown, dull gold, deep orange and spicy red- onto your wedding invitations and floral décor. These classic autumn hues are perfect and we recommend you have a look simple embellishments to suit a simple rustic invitation.

Image of Autum Themed Wedding Invitation

Image Courtsey: etsy