Who doesn’t like to stand out unique from the rest, we all are different, unique and wonderful. It’s the little things that set us apart, and why shouldn’t we be proud of it. When you’re planning your wedding day, you might want to DIY it. With DIY wedding invitations to start with, you will be able to put together a beautiful work of art that will be the first item that will unveil your wedding day to your guests and invitees. The look of your DIY wedding invitations and how it is presented will make a huge impact on first impressions and how much excitement you rile up amongst your wedding invitees. We’ve put together a couple of steps to take to get your DIY wedding invitations designing underway and how you can finish it off in a beautiful and classy way.

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Step 1

First things first, when you’re ready to start on your DIY wedding stationery vision, you need to have an overall wedding vision in mind. This can include the colour scheme, the flowers you may want to use, the textures you’re looking at featuring in your the bridal attire to decorative items, and more. Once you have an idea on what you would like your wedding to be, sit down and start looking for inspiration for DIY wedding invitations, stationery and accessories you can use for your wedding, brainstorm ideas with your fiancé and then sketch out a few DIY wedding invite styles for the stationery items that will be used as invite accessories, ceremony stationery as well as those used for the reception, and more.

Step 2

Once you’ve got sketches of your drafts in hand, the next step would be to create a mock-up. A mock-up sample is something you can do yourself at home with whatever items you can find, and you can make them for each design you have sketched out. Once you have each DIY item laid out you can make an informed decision. Doing this will allow you to see for yourself the options available to you where you can even select which design is best for which stationery item, such as a hardcover DIY wedding invite with a satin ribbon clasped with a pearl cluster that can be placed inside a DIY wedding invitation box and then once more wrapped with a ribbon and labelled with a customised sticker/label which will include the guest name and address information. Imagine a beautifully presented wedding invitation box being handed to you. Wouldn’t you be just blown away? No one will believe you if you tell that you put it all together as a DIY wedding invite.

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