A wedding is a beautiful ceremony, bringing together two souls linked together that they fell in love and decided that their hearts and souls were meant for each other. This beautiful union will take place in the company of all their loved ones, family and friends, so they can be a testament to the vows they make to one another.

When it comes to planning a wedding, there is much to be done and thought of, and if you are crafty person then you may like to take on the challenge of being your own wedding planner and doing it yourself, with a DIY wedding.

A DIY wedding will no doubt be a beautiful thing, because it is at the hands of the couple to be married. Their own thoughts and efforts will go into making this day beautiful . When it comes to a DIY wedding, there are many things you need to consider once the venue and the date has been settled upon. This can include the food and catering, the flowers and the decor and of course the wedding invitations and stationery.

The great thing about DIY weddings is that you can go about designing, planning and deciding on various wedding elements and features according to your own wishes or the wishes of your future spouse. It is the personal touches that only you can do, that will be the feature that makes your wedding stand out from the others.

In terms of decor, which is an exciting wedding element, you can draw inspiration from many areas. Choose from  anything you have loved for years, a favourite colour, a theme, or even a flower type. If you have a theme in mind, then you’ll find it easier to go from there. One thing that is seen with decor of DIY weddings is how unique and creative they are, therefore you need not hold back when it comes decorating your own wedding day.

When it comes to catering, if you are planning a large wedding, it would be hard to cater your own food, therefore finding a great caterer would be the best option. However, if your wedding event will only be with close friends and family, you may wish to tackle the catering yourself, or have some friends or relatives help you.

However, that’s not all that there is to arranging your own diy wedding. You have wedding stationery and invitations, favours and so much more. Like the decor itself you can follow the wedding theme and style, and design your own DIY wedding invitations accordingly. Many suppliers have their own stocks of DIY wedding invitations and paper to help you in your journey of making lovely DIY wedding invitations.  Have them printed with all your wedding day information and even your guest names, leaving you only to sort out the design that you are going to style and then, take it on from there. The same goes for the other stationery and also the wedding favours.

Good luck with planning your DIY wedding!