Getting ready for your wedding means there are so many things to prepare for and go over. Invitation cards are certainly one of them.


One simply does not use Comic Sans on their wedding invitation cards, but you know that already! – Hopefully. Even with all the free fonts and typefaces available online for wedding cards, how will you ever know which font is most suitable for your wedding card?

There are many famous wedding card fonts that are already popular on the internet such as Italiano, Brock Script, Rechtman, Alex Brush Regular, Dancing Script, Sh** Happens (yes, it’s an actual font) and much more. You’ll come across so many options once you begin your research.

Cursive, italic fonts have been used traditionally on wedding cards but it is important to pick a cursive font that is readable and clear. Using a bold font is acceptable but make sure that it does not look aggressive and stay away from Gothic fonts which look too austere for wedding cards.

DIY wedding cards are popular than ever – they are more personal and more aesthetically pleasing than printed cards, not to mention the freedom it gives you to personalize and add your own twist to the design.

Pick out a font that is simple and easy to write as you will be writing many cards in one sitting. Fonts such as Sverige Script, Anacondas, Honeyscript, Bellerose and Holly Berry Wonderland are some of the loveliest and easy to write fonts you can go for. Before selecting a font however, write down a small phrase and see if you are satisfied with how it appears on paper.

Finally, it is advisable to use black or silver as the font colors on your cards as using bright colors will seriously harm the aesthetics of your wedding card. After all, you want your guests to understand and read the contents