A Quick Guide to Selecting the Right Font for Your Wedding Invitation


Getting ready for your wedding means there are so many things to prepare for and go over. Invitation cards are certainly one of them.


One simply does not use Comic Sans on their wedding invitation cards, but you know that already! – Hopefully. Even with all the free fonts and typefaces available online for wedding cards, how will you ever know which font is most suitable for your wedding card?

There are many famous wedding card fonts that are already popular on the internet such as Italiano, Brock Script, Rechtman, Alex Brush Regular, Dancing Script, Sh** Happens (yes, it’s an actual font) and much more. You’ll come across so many options once you begin your research.

Cursive, italic fonts have been used traditionally on wedding cards but it is important to pick a cursive font that is readable and clear. Using a bold font is acceptable but make sure that it does not look aggressive and stay away from Gothic fonts which look too austere for wedding cards.

DIY wedding cards are popular than ever – they are more personal and more aesthetically pleasing than printed cards, not to mention the freedom it gives you to personalize and add your own twist to the design.

Pick out a font that is simple and easy to write as you will be writing many cards in one sitting. Fonts such as Sverige Script, Anacondas, Honeyscript, Bellerose and Holly Berry Wonderland are some of the loveliest and easy to write fonts you can go for. Before selecting a font however, write down a small phrase and see if you are satisfied with how it appears on paper.

Finally, it is advisable to use black or silver as the font colors on your cards as using bright colors will seriously harm the aesthetics of your wedding card. After all, you want your guests to understand and read the contents

Design Your Wedding Invitations

Every girl envisions her wedding day, it may be a passing thought, a what-if scenario or a detailed laid out plan for the biggest day of her life. You may want specific things and at some point you may have looked at a few options and thought “this is what I want, this is my style”. Like so, when you are about to design your wedding invitations, you probably have an idea, a vision or even a wedding inspiration you can start with.

Design Your Wedding Invitations with DIY Invitations Australia online

There are many ways you can design your wedding invitations, starting with what the shape and overall style will be, that is, how it folds or whether you prefer to have flat and/or stacked invitations and accessories. Stacked invitations work with both flat cards and folded invites with pocket flaps. The flat stacked invitation cards (the wedding invitations, reply card, directions & accommodation card, wishing well & gift registry card) are usually held together with a belly band or even a ribbon accessory before being inserted into the envelope. In the case of a folded pocket invite, the flap can neatly secure the invitations in a stacked style with each card place on top of each other in a step manner where the sizing is different so the name of each accessory card is prominent). You can decide and design whichever wedding invitation accessories you need by consulting with your designated wedding invitation designer.

A good place to start for inspiration on sizing would be with the pre-cut invitation templates that can be easily fed into your own home printers so you can print your very own invitations that you’ve designed with a personalised wedding invitation wording. As you have chosen DIY wedding invitations, you can also look at the sample printable templates that are available in the product catalogue and choose the ones you like, edit and personalise the saying/wording, and then proceed to print them out. With DIY Invitations Australia, what you need to do is first download the InDesign and Microsoft Word template onto your local computer, design your wedding invitations, convert them into PDFs and place your order online via the DIY Wedding Invitations system.  During this process, you’ll be able to add your own designs such as borders, flourishes, patterns and monograms/motifs too.

Don’t forget to search for complementing wedding stationery items you may need for your DIY wedding, such as menus, seating charts, place cards, table numbers, bomboniere boxes and labels, thank you cards and more. You can easily download templates and order them too. It’s easy as that.

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Special DIY Wedding Invitations Designs

Our wedding day should be special, because your love for your fiancée is more than everything you have ever felt. Shouldn’t the most special day of your lives be in the same light? It’s a celebration of a special love and you want your guests to remember it. Why not start with your DIY wedding invitations, as a handmade look will definitely make a personal statement. The way you do up your DIY wedding invitations will also be crucial in making sure your wedding is memorable, and above all, one considered special in the hearts and minds of your invitees. Once way of standing out would be to come up with some great designs and complement it with speciality paper. Let’s find out how you can do just that!


The layout of your invitation card is an important element is getting the look you want. Carry out some research on the trends of wedding invitations and what’s popular along the styles of your choosing. There are types of folding styles to choose from too, such as double fold, tri-fold, pocket and even a z-fold, either vertically or horizontally. At the DIY Invitations online store, you are able to pick from any of the ones available, or even make your own, such as a gate-fold design with the paper or card stock available.


There are also printable templates available so that once you have decided on a look, and you need the invitation wording for the inset, all you need to do is customise the text and have it printed and pasted on the inside of your DIY wedding invitation card. It’s that simple! However, when it comes to adding those special touches to your DIY wedding invitations, there’s more to it than just the layout and fold styles. It’s about what you use to complement it. You can do this with the help of speciality paper and embellishments.

 DIY Wedding Invitations

Paper comes in many colours, styles and don’t forget textures. Plain card stock is available in Textured Linen, Shimmer, and StarDream. If you are a fan of vellum, you also get the translucent variety which is a lovely complement to your paper/card. However, in terms of speciality paper, there’s many to consider. You are given the choice of embossed, flocked, metallic, glittered, screen printed and thermography papers. These are all fabulous and the colour it’s available in makes it even better.

 DIY Wedding Invitation using Embossed Floral Speciality Paper in Gold

You can use any of these papers to add to your DIY wedding invitation, whether you use it on the front or as accents on the inside. Some opt to use speciality paper as an all-over design on the front face of the card with an embellishment thoughtfully placed, whilst some play with layers to get peeks of the paper. Consider these looks for a beautiful and special wedding!

Images by DreamDay Invitations

DIY Wedding Invitations with Printable Templates

If you are planning on being a DIY Bride and you are looking for a budget friendly yet professional look for your DIY wedding invitations and stationery, you’ve come to the right place. Here at DIY Invitations, we don’t just have everything you might need to start on your creations, but we’ve also got printable templates with the invitation wording as well as other tiny little details that are easily customisable.

Some brides opt for calligraphers, but that’s intricate and sometimes expensive whereas using your home printer might be the most cost efficient but not always reliable and a good finish. Leave the printing and the finer details to the professionals, that is, us at DIY Invitations. We’ll take care of the printing for you. All you have to do is pick out which DIY wedding invitations and stationery you require printable templates for and then add the information you want, and order up as little or as many as you want and need.

There are many printable templates for your DIY wedding invitations and stationery. Let’s have a look at them, shall we?

Wedding Invitations Covers

If you are choosing a foldable wedding invitation to DIY, then you might need a front cover and a printable template for it. Some examples might include the couple’s name, accompanied by the wedding day and even a saying, quote or phrase. You can add your unique accents around this.

DIY Invitations Printable Templates DIY Wedding Invitation Covers

Wedding Invitation Wording and Accessories

Stick to wedding invitation etiquette when choosing your invitation wording, or add your own twist. You can easily personalise the wedding invitation wording as well as the wording of any other invitation accessory such as the wishing well card, directions and accommodations, RSVP card and more.

DIY Invitations Printable Template DIY Wedding Invitations

Other Stationery

Apart from the obvious choices of stationery concerning your wedding invitations, you can also add unique touches to your wedding day with the-day-of stationery such as a seating chart, place cards, bombonieres tags, thank you cards and more. However, if you wanted to stand out, you could even have custom wine labels done.

DIY Invitations Printable Template Seating Chart DIY Weddings

But that’s not all. Browse through the various different shapes, sizes and styles of DIY wedding invitations printable templates available to you. You are also offered passport and boarding pass styled DIY wedding invitations too for those hip yet truly personal travel inspired weddings. Find the right one that fits your vision and budget and make your DIY wedding invitation your very own with a professional look.

Adding Accents to Your DIY Invitations

If you can’t wait to put your creativity to use when planning your next big event, then why not start out with DIY invitations and stationery and create beautiful works of art on the likes of the invitations, gift boxes and bags and so much more, starting from the base all the way up to adding accents to make your DIY invitations and stationery creations pop!

Kick-Start Your Vision

First of foremost, apart from the materials, you will need a vision or a design draft (which would be a good idea to have before you make your purchases for materials, unless you plan on making samples first and figuring out the winner). A sketch draft of the design and a list of things you need would be a good place to start, and not forgetting the DIY invitations paper or card stock.

Get Your Materials in Order

There are many ways in which you can start on your creations, but you will need the fundamentals or basics, such as paper or card stock depending on the vision you have. Whether you purchase plain old paper, or opt for the fancy variety of textured or pearlescent paper or card, you cannot go wrong, because it’s your vision of creativity coming alive as you embark on making your DIY invitations and accessories a reality.  Once you have this ready, why not make a few samples in various styles/forms and judge them for yourself or with family and close friends to decide which one is the best one for your event. Your DIY invitations should have a theme, depending on your requirement; it could be anything from a wedding, engagement, religious function, birthday, graduation and the list goes on and on.

Styling the Fold

Once you’ve got materials for your DIY invitations, start adding design elements to it, like folding it to make it the style you want and find an easy way to get it done in as less time as possible. You may have free-standing, bi-folded, tri-folded, vertically or horizontally aligned cards, or even the ones of the pocket invitations variety.

Invitation Wording

You need to also figure out what you want written in your invitations, whether you want to write it in yourself, hire a calligrapher or run it through a printer. Figure this part out, because if you are opting to print it, you will need the proper dimensions to enter into your printer so the layout and alignment comes out properly. Make sure you do a few samples on normal paper before you print them in batches.

Adding the Final Accents

Once you’ve sorted out the invitation wording, the final step would be to add those personal touches with DIY accents that you feel would go well with the theme. Some trendy suggestions would include the likes of adding ruffles using fabric or textile accessories such as fabric pompom balls and lace trim, cutting out shapes such as hearts and flowers out of the card/paper itself for a 3D pop-up effect, stitching on various appliqués with the thread work on display, using tissues and papier-mâché techniques. These are few ways in which you can take your DIY invitation creations to the next level.

DIY Invitations Accents Embellishments and Trims

DIY Wedding Invitations & Where to Start

Picking out your wedding invitations is easy compared to doing up DIY wedding invitations. The advantage of picking out a ready-made design is the easiest thing to do, once you have the look figured out. However, when it comes to wanting to something unique and personal, a DIY wedding invitation is the way to go.  In this post, where to start when you DIY your wedding invitation in a few steps.

DreamDay Invitations DIY Wedding Invitation In Teal

1. Start with the Stationery: Some might think that the best place to start is with an inspiration board, which really is the best place to embark on your DIY wedding invitation adventure. However, that is at a conceptual level. When it comes to the visual level, you can actually visualise your concept coming together when you find the paper you need, therefore the best place to start is with the stationery. Wedding Invitations and the Right Choice of Paper focuses on the options, which are available to you in the invitations market.

2. Let Your DIY Wedding Invitations Be the Story: Your wedding invitation should tell a story, the story that leads to you and your fiancé tying the knot. However, the invite design in itself should do so too, and give away hints to what the big day will include. From the shape, the style, the treatment and accessories, your DIY invitation will let your invitees know what decor you might be using, the colours you have chosen, to the theme. Drawing inspirations from elements, gives you a good idea on where to go with it and how you run with it is what will show in the end.

3. Uphold Wedding Invitations Etiquette: Whether it is how it has been addressed to the name of the invitees and when listing out the names of the people hosting the wedding, you need to ensure that due respect is given to invitation etiquette. There are many ways on how you can go about it, but it is always best to read up on Wedding Invitations Etiquette.

4. Detailing Makes the Difference: Adding your personal flair to the DIY wedding invitations makes it so much better. Put in your thoughts and time into getting those done nicely. If it involves the design or accessories to be added to the invitation or even whether you are opting to have the invitations company print, have a calligrapher write it or handwrite it yourself, all these little things matter when the final output is laid out there in front of your invitee. A little extra, something goes a long way, and like so your wedding day will be an absolute hit!

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