Picking out your wedding invitations is easy compared to doing up DIY wedding invitations. The advantage of picking out a ready-made design is the easiest thing to do, once you have the look figured out. However, when it comes to wanting to something unique and personal, a DIY wedding invitation is the way to go.  In this post, where to start when you DIY your wedding invitation in a few steps.

DreamDay Invitations DIY Wedding Invitation In Teal

1. Start with the Stationery: Some might think that the best place to start is with an inspiration board, which really is the best place to embark on your DIY wedding invitation adventure. However, that is at a conceptual level. When it comes to the visual level, you can actually visualise your concept coming together when you find the paper you need, therefore the best place to start is with the stationery. Wedding Invitations and the Right Choice of Paper focuses on the options, which are available to you in the invitations market.

2. Let Your DIY Wedding Invitations Be the Story: Your wedding invitation should tell a story, the story that leads to you and your fiancé tying the knot. However, the invite design in itself should do so too, and give away hints to what the big day will include. From the shape, the style, the treatment and accessories, your DIY invitation will let your invitees know what decor you might be using, the colours you have chosen, to the theme. Drawing inspirations from elements, gives you a good idea on where to go with it and how you run with it is what will show in the end.

3. Uphold Wedding Invitations Etiquette: Whether it is how it has been addressed to the name of the invitees and when listing out the names of the people hosting the wedding, you need to ensure that due respect is given to invitation etiquette. There are many ways on how you can go about it, but it is always best to read up on Wedding Invitations Etiquette.

4. Detailing Makes the Difference: Adding your personal flair to the DIY wedding invitations makes it so much better. Put in your thoughts and time into getting those done nicely. If it involves the design or accessories to be added to the invitation or even whether you are opting to have the invitations company print, have a calligrapher write it or handwrite it yourself, all these little things matter when the final output is laid out there in front of your invitee. A little extra, something goes a long way, and like so your wedding day will be an absolute hit!

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