Our wedding day should be special, because your love for your fiancée is more than everything you have ever felt. Shouldn’t the most special day of your lives be in the same light? It’s a celebration of a special love and you want your guests to remember it. Why not start with your DIY wedding invitations, as a handmade look will definitely make a personal statement. The way you do up your DIY wedding invitations will also be crucial in making sure your wedding is memorable, and above all, one considered special in the hearts and minds of your invitees. Once way of standing out would be to come up with some great designs and complement it with speciality paper. Let’s find out how you can do just that!


The layout of your invitation card is an important element is getting the look you want. Carry out some research on the trends of wedding invitations and what’s popular along the styles of your choosing. There are types of folding styles to choose from too, such as double fold, tri-fold, pocket and even a z-fold, either vertically or horizontally. At the DIY Invitations online store, you are able to pick from any of the ones available, or even make your own, such as a gate-fold design with the paper or card stock available.


There are also printable templates available so that once you have decided on a look, and you need the invitation wording for the inset, all you need to do is customise the text and have it printed and pasted on the inside of your DIY wedding invitation card. It’s that simple! However, when it comes to adding those special touches to your DIY wedding invitations, there’s more to it than just the layout and fold styles. It’s about what you use to complement it. You can do this with the help of speciality paper and embellishments.

 DIY Wedding Invitations

Paper comes in many colours, styles and don’t forget textures. Plain card stock is available in Textured Linen, Shimmer, and StarDream. If you are a fan of vellum, you also get the translucent variety which is a lovely complement to your paper/card. However, in terms of speciality paper, there’s many to consider. You are given the choice of embossed, flocked, metallic, glittered, screen printed and thermography papers. These are all fabulous and the colour it’s available in makes it even better.

 DIY Wedding Invitation using Embossed Floral Speciality Paper in Gold

You can use any of these papers to add to your DIY wedding invitation, whether you use it on the front or as accents on the inside. Some opt to use speciality paper as an all-over design on the front face of the card with an embellishment thoughtfully placed, whilst some play with layers to get peeks of the paper. Consider these looks for a beautiful and special wedding!

Images by DreamDay Invitations