DIY Invitations Cards and Shapes

If your creative mind is on the lookout for some great ideas for your DIY wedding, starting with fabulous DIY wedding invitations, you probably need a blank canvas to work on such as with cards in particular sizes and shapes for you to add your magic onto. Here are cards and shapes available for your weddings and other special events.

DIY Invitations Card  & Paper Stock for DIY Wedding Invitations & Stationery Card Shapes & Sizes

DIY Wedding Invitations to DIY Party Invitations

The following choices of invite card sizes and shapes are perfect for your special occasions such as a wedding or a party that you are hosting, be it an engagement party to a birthday party. Creating a custom and handmade look is easy when you have a foundation such as these DIY Invitations cardstocks in several shapes and sizes to pick and choose from.

  • Square | Vertical or Horizontal | Size: 134 x 134mm
  • Square & Pocket | Size: 138 x 138mm
  • Flat 5×7 | Vertical or Horizontal | Size: 127 x 178mm
  • Flat Square | Size: 140 x 140mm
  • Horizontal Tri-Fold | Size: 134 x 134mm
  • Flat Boarding Pass | Size: 195 x 90mm
  • Passport Cover | Size: 88 x 125mm
  • DL Z-Fold | Size: 99 x 210mm
  • DL Tri-Fold | Size: 282 x 180mm (open)
  • Square | Horizontal & Pocket | Size: 139x 139mm
  • Square Vertical Tri-Fold | Size: 145 x 145mm
  • Folded | Horizontal or Vertical | Size: 134 x 90mm
  • DL Vertical or Horizontal | Size: 210 x 105mm

DIY Invitations For Wedding & Parties | Card and Paper Stock Sizes and Shapes

DIY Wedding and Party Stationery

Apart from the invitations, be it small or large in size, you also need DIY stationery, when you are looking for a handmade and personalised look. So consider items such as place cards, menus and other items such as accessories to the invitation, and pick and choose which of them your wedding or other special event will need them.

  • Folded Place Card | Size: 70 x 95mm
  • Menu | Vertical or Horizontal | Size: 260 x 95mm
  • Business Card | Size: 55 x 90mm – This size of card would be perfect for a gift registry or wishing well card, with minimal text
  • DL Label | Size: 210 x 100mm
  • Oval Envelope Label (10up) | Size: 35 x 55mm
  • Thank You Tags (20up) |: 22 x 45mm
  • Bomboniere Tags (9up) | Size: 35 x 60mm

Adding Accents to Your DIY Invitations

If you can’t wait to put your creativity to use when planning your next big event, then why not start out with DIY invitations and stationery and create beautiful works of art on the likes of the invitations, gift boxes and bags and so much more, starting from the base all the way up to adding accents to make your DIY invitations and stationery creations pop!

Kick-Start Your Vision

First of foremost, apart from the materials, you will need a vision or a design draft (which would be a good idea to have before you make your purchases for materials, unless you plan on making samples first and figuring out the winner). A sketch draft of the design and a list of things you need would be a good place to start, and not forgetting the DIY invitations paper or card stock.

Get Your Materials in Order

There are many ways in which you can start on your creations, but you will need the fundamentals or basics, such as paper or card stock depending on the vision you have. Whether you purchase plain old paper, or opt for the fancy variety of textured or pearlescent paper or card, you cannot go wrong, because it’s your vision of creativity coming alive as you embark on making your DIY invitations and accessories a reality.  Once you have this ready, why not make a few samples in various styles/forms and judge them for yourself or with family and close friends to decide which one is the best one for your event. Your DIY invitations should have a theme, depending on your requirement; it could be anything from a wedding, engagement, religious function, birthday, graduation and the list goes on and on.

Styling the Fold

Once you’ve got materials for your DIY invitations, start adding design elements to it, like folding it to make it the style you want and find an easy way to get it done in as less time as possible. You may have free-standing, bi-folded, tri-folded, vertically or horizontally aligned cards, or even the ones of the pocket invitations variety.

Invitation Wording

You need to also figure out what you want written in your invitations, whether you want to write it in yourself, hire a calligrapher or run it through a printer. Figure this part out, because if you are opting to print it, you will need the proper dimensions to enter into your printer so the layout and alignment comes out properly. Make sure you do a few samples on normal paper before you print them in batches.

Adding the Final Accents

Once you’ve sorted out the invitation wording, the final step would be to add those personal touches with DIY accents that you feel would go well with the theme. Some trendy suggestions would include the likes of adding ruffles using fabric or textile accessories such as fabric pompom balls and lace trim, cutting out shapes such as hearts and flowers out of the card/paper itself for a 3D pop-up effect, stitching on various appliqués with the thread work on display, using tissues and papier-mâché techniques. These are few ways in which you can take your DIY invitation creations to the next level.

DIY Invitations Accents Embellishments and Trims

Engagement Invitations

If you want to celebrate this wonderful occasion, there is no reason why you cannot! Your engagement is a huge milestone in your lives, and one that should be remembered with fond memories. Why not share it with your family and friends, with a lovely engagement celebration, be it a casual fun party or even a formal gala event. You can start with your engagement invitations to build up to the excitement.

Types of Engagement Parties

There are many types of engagement parties out there, depending on the personalities of the couple. There is everything for everyone, and it can be casual to formal. You could host a formal lunch, simple afternoon tea party or even a cocktail party if you want to make things formal and elegant, but also you could opt for the likes of events such as a casual barbeque, a summer picnic, a themed party or even make it a surprise for the couple and just have fun.

Themes and Variety of Engagement Invites

Depending on the type of party, you are hoping to have, the theme and the variety of your designs for your engagement invitations can take after it. Let us look at each type of engagement theme and style, to suggest great types of engagement invites for your special milestone.

Afternoon Tea Party

Afternoon tea parties are lovely, and quite relaxed and definitely formal. If you and your fiancé want to host such a party, there is no reason why you cannot. For a theme such as this, you can stick to pastel hues and floral designs for your engagement invites. Alternatively, even add in little snacks, and cupcakes to add to illustrations for the front facing.

Cocktail Party

Cocktail parties are fun for both the groom and bride to be, because they can mix it up and mingle with all their friends and family, in a fun, upbeat and sophisticated environment. You can use varying colours, and décor, and you can opt for a modern look to your engagement invite.

Formal Lunch

A formal affair, be it lunch or dinner, can be something elegant and beautiful, just like the union and this milestone. Your engagement invite can definitely be transcendent to the invites you are planning to have for your wedding, to link everything together in a beautiful way.

Casual Barbeque

If you want something homely, there is nothing better than a barbeque to unwind with your friends and family. Your engagement invites can be fun, colourful, and casual, with rustic touches to reflect the kind of party you are hosting.

Summer Picnic

A summer picnic is ideal for your engagement, especially if you want it to be a beautiful and personal event. You can host it in your backyard and decorate it with summertime scenes, adding flora to match the season and your personalities. Your engagement invites can have warm colours and beautiful flowers to emphasize on this fact.

Themed Parties

Parties that follow themes are great because there are so many options you can choose from when you come up with this idea. You can use a Mardi Gras theme, a Hollywood Silver Screen theme, and so much. Depending on your theme, you can style your engagement invites after them.

Try out these options for your engagement party and make it a hit right from the start with your invites. Good luck!