There are some great and easy ways to accessories your DIY envelopes that you’ve purchased through our DIY Invitations online store.  We have some great options for your to choose from when you want to further accent the aesthetic that you are going for, by tying in the theme of your design onto the exterior (and even possibly the interior) of the envelopes to bring your stationery design full circle. Let’s find out what you can do.

Envelope Liners

Envelope liners are fabulous! They give an element of surprise that your invitees won’t be expecting, and could even be the first glimpse into what your colours and design may be! At DIY Invitations, we offer envelope liners to go with your DIY envelope, and if the colour or at times design pattern matches your DIY wedding invitations, you could opt to go with that look.

DIY Invitations Envelope Liners for DIY Wedding Invitation Envelopes

However, there are new ways to add to the envelope liners you purchase from DIY Invitations online! You could opt to use stamps of the same design you might be using on the DIY wedding invitations & other stationery, whether it’s a design element or motif, or even lettering in stamp form (such as a monogram or even the bridal couple’s name separated by an “&”). Another way to add some cohesion would be with punched shapes or inserts, especially if you’ve used it in the design of the card as well.

If you are opting out of using the envelope liners, and want to include something truly unique to the DIY invitations envelopes you’ve purchased, then you can even try using the likes of photographs, tissue or colour transparent sheets, or even doilies to add that special touch.

Envelope Labels, Seals & Stickers

Apart from envelope liners, there are other ways to accent the design of your DIY envelopes using envelope labels, seal and even stickers. When it comes to envelope labels, you might choose to either use the envelope itself to include the addressing area, or add a separate label with it which you will need to glue onto the envelope. If you opting for the labels, then you could add a decorative element to it, such as using punched accents, especially on the trim or edges, be it a simple polka dotted look, to even lace.

If you are opting to use the DIY envelopes itself, then consider using stamps mixed with calligraphy. Whether it’s a motif, monogram or part of the design itself, you can use the stamp as a focal feature or to overlap the addressing section in a muted but beautiful way. On the back, use seals and stickers to close the flap shut but have something for your invitees to admire as they open up your wedding invitation envelope. You could even add a decorative element such as twine or string wrapped around the envelope and kept together with the help of a seal or sticker.

There are many ways you can easily DIY your wedding invitations and envelopes, to make them not only affordable, but unique and quite fabulous. Stay tuned for more ideas in the weeks to come!