Black is one of the most fashionable colours in the world, whether it is for gala black tie events to sleek looks in modern architecture and also design. It is only natural that it transcends to the wedding industry, where you can find the likes of black wedding invitations to the big day’s décor accents. It is easy to team up black with other colours in the colour wheel as it compliments them whether it is a traditional or modern setting.

Dream Day Invitations Text in the Middle White DIY Wedding Invitations Square with Pocket with Gold Letters

If you are opting for a DIY wedding, you can truly come up with one of the most unique DIY wedding invitations that is styled with a black theme. Many of us know that the process of going DIY for wedding stationery can be either one of two options. One is to buy your own paper, rulers and cutters and the whole shebang, where as the other option is to get yourself acquainted with DIY wedding invitation and stationery kits that have set template for you to work with. The latter option offers you several styles in which your DIY wedding invite can be presented in terms of how the invites are folded, the sizing and also the placement of key invitation wording and text. If you are opting to have those printed beforehand with the necessary customisations (which is a bonus because then you do not need to go through the process of either printing those yourself or hiring a calligrapher to do the work for you). Opting for the DIY route can be difficult, so it’s always a good idea to cut down time spent doing up processes or focuses on the items that needs the most work, time and patience.

DreamDay Invitations Colour Outside Monogram Square Horizontal Invitation with Pocket with Black Typographic Text

Nevertheless, getting back to black wedding invitations styles, a la DIY, if you have a blank canvas being the DIY wedding invitation kits, then the next step is to style them. The most elegance choice would be to opt for soft pastel tones to be accompanied with the bold black, and they say the lighter and whiter the better. However, there is no rule that you cannot go down the modern route with bold contrasting colours to make your invite design pop.

When you work on the DIY aspects, you can use creative elements such as stencils that consists of flourishes to stripes designs for a crisp look, to stamps, and even use watercolours for a beautiful outcome of art. It is always a great idea to know what you want in terms of the wedding theme you will have for your wedding apart from the colour, of course. Though the basic norm is to opt for black on white, there is no stopping you from going bold and opting for white or any other colour on a black wedding invitation kit.