DIY wedding invitations can entirely be classy; it’s all about getting the right materials for it, having a great inspiration and vision, and the ability to execute it to a T. Now what will you need for a classy DIY invitation to your wedding, you might ask? There are two ways to go about it. One would be to start from scratch, make it truly yours from start to finish, and another would be to use templates that are already available and all you have to do is add your personal touches to make it your custom design DIY wedding invite. It’s easy-peasy!

DIY Wedding Invitations from Scratch

When you are planning on doing up your DIY invites from scratch, your first go to place should be to the stationers, but at DIY Invitations you can get it all at the click of a few buttons. Select from the vast range of options of blank wedding paper to speciality paper with many colours and textures that might be the right accent that your design will need.  You can also purchase various other items such as envelopes and embellishments from the DIY Invitations online store too! Be inspired by layered wedding invitations and hard cover sleeved invitations to create a look that is truly unique and wonderful.

 DIY Wedding Invitations | Hard Cover Wedding Invitations

DIY Wedding Invitations Using Printable Templates and Sleeves

Now, when you opt for printable templates, you are cutting your time in half and you are able to put your focus entirely on the design and personalisation aspects and this would be the easier option if you have many invitees. You can also choose a DIY wedding invitation printable template that offers an invitation wording so all you need to do is customise it, and also opt to have guest names printed so you can skip out on writing it all down or hiring a calligrapher. There are many styles, shapes and sizes to choose from and making elegant wedding invitations that are handmade is all about balance and when to say “enough”. Overdesigning can often push your invite from classy to a blurred area. With hardcover DIY wedding invitations, you get the option of being subtle and elegant, coupled with a satin band and a faux diamante embellishment in the centre; it would truly be a classy wedding invitation.

 DIY Wedding Invitations Boxes

With either option you choose, the classiness doesn’t stop there. Why not send your handmade beautiful wedding invitation creations in a lovely invitation box. Imagine the statement you are making, all DIY and by you! Go on; make an impression with these great items all available at the DIY Invitations online store.