There are so many great ways to come up with cool DIY wedding invitations, and such ideas are always buzzing in everyone’s heads but we rarely get a chance to see them. Unless you have been invited to a wedding you have been a guest or a recipient of a cool DIY wedding invite, you might still be wondering how you can make one for yourself. This installation of DIY Invitations, we bring to you some materials you can use to create an awesome DIY wedding invitation.


–          String can be used either as a decorative border, or as centre point of the design. It can be looped around the base paper, which the invitation wording is printed on, whereby that paper will sit on a different sheet of paper, that either contrasts to it or has a distinct patter or design that compliments the theme in question. The type of string used can be thin or thick, of varying texture or colour, depending on the kind of look you want to achieve. If it is a rustic theme then you could opt for burlap thread or something similar. In addition, you can add little tokens to the string, such as buttons or buckles, by looping through them, or you could add little trinkets such as a miniature key, a flower or something that is in line with your overall wedding look.

–          Lace comes in different sizes, designs, colours, textures and opacity, and depending on that, it can serve many purposes. Either as a decorative detail, a background design element, to something that adds a touch of art to the wedding invitation, much like the use of string, any option can be used.

–          Ribbons are quite similar to string and lace both; however, the texture of the string can also play a part in how the look of the wedding invitations comes together. The can also be looped through various accessories such as buttons, buckles and through punched paper holes creating a weaved look on the wedding invitation itself.

Cool DIY Wedding Invitations Ideas


–          Shimmery textured paper is great as the focal paper that the wedding invitation wording will be printed or written on, or even as the background paper if you want to set a form of contrast to it. This type of paper brings out a touch of elegant glamour to the wedding invite. Although, usually it can be found in tones of ivory or white, darker shades of paper can be used for a velvet appeal.

–          Patterns depending on a style and design of inspiration can also add a great look to the wedding invite. The paper with the pattern can be laid below the paper containing the wedding invitation text or even as the background for a one sided wedding invite, it can be a good idea to use it for an added surprise.

Other Methods of Adding

–          Stampin’ stamps which are either generic but relate to your wedding theme or even custom made are great when you want something unique. Having purchased your DIY wedding invitations kits, you can simply acquire the ink necessary and the stamps, and keep on stampin’.

–          Calligraphy plays a great role in how the look of the wedding invite will turn out if you opt out of getting it printed with professionals, and can set the tone in a great way and be well done.

–          Hand drawn illustrations are great to add a unique touch to your invites by drawing or illustrating a focal element in your wedding theme, and having it create a personal touch.

DreamDay Invitations DIY Wedding Invitations Tri Fold in Gold

With the above-mentioned possibilities, you can deliver on cool DIY wedding invitations with your own inspirations and visions on how the result will look like. All you need is to get your DIY wedding invitations kits and get the other materials you need to create a masterpiece with arts and crafts.