A favoured option of DIY wedding invitation kits out there include the likes of the pocket variety, and sometimes, the ideal wedding invitations company will also offer you the options of printing your personalised invitation wording prior to the delivery. However, out of the variety of options available, there two types of pocket wedding invites that stand out, one being the square horizontal pocket invite, while the other is of the vertical variety.

Square Horizontal Pocket Wedding Invitation Kit

This variety of a DIY Wedding Invitation kit is also known as a gate folio, as it opens up sideways in a manner, prints can be set in all of the three panels on the inside. You are also capable of adding a custom sleeve on the right hand panel to facilitate other wedding invitations stationery that needs to be accompanied with the invite. The sleeve can be added to your choosing, provided you cut the angles and the shape correctly according to measurement, whether it is a vertical or horizontal sleeve pocket, or even several layers of sleeve pockets categorised for each additional invitations stationery. Some might opt to make this area stand out by using a different colour, but for an elegant approach, using the same colour would a great option. The edge-work of each sleeve pocket can be trimmed using fancy scissors with a scallop, wave, gentle curves and even a zig-zag pattern.

DreamDay Invitation Colour OUtside Text at Bottom Square Horizontal Pocket DIY Wedding Invitation Kit in Regal Purple

Square Pocket Wedding Invitation Kit

Also know as a vertical flap DIY wedding invitation, this card design has four panels which opens up vertically, with the last being the flap and quarter the size of the square (which is 145mmx145mm). The flap in itself, can be customised by cutting it out in a design of your choosing, such as an arch design which can spans from the likes of a semicircular(one-centred), Gothic (two-centred), basket handle (three-centred), Tudor (four-centred), segmental, pointed segmental, pseudo three-centred and pseudo four-centred (pointed centre). If you want a more intricate finish, you can opt to use arts and crafts fancy scissors to get an ‘artsy’ edge-work for your flap. Much like the horizontal pocket, you can also add a sleeve to accommodate the additional stationery as well.

Both of these types of square pocket wedding invitation kits can be customised to you liking with addition of inserts and labelling on the front, to stencil work and even die-cutting using a fine knife tool. To add an elegant touch, your choice of envelope can range from the clear wax paper variety to even those made with doilies. Adding a lace or ribbon wrap, buckles or brooches would also be a lovely touch, for a great handmade wedding invite appeal.

DreamDay Invitations Bold Colour Text at Bottom Square Pocket Wedding Invitation in Coral DIY Wedding Invitation Kit

With these creative options, your pocket wedding invites will be sensational.